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1x1 Json Custom Template (Tallon Edit)

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(UPDATED !! 22/01/2019) V1.4


Custom edited Island from another source, Removed Icebergs & other clutter, Replaced 4 Islands & replaced them with better versions + Varied Spawns + Full pathing for NPC Ships & Loot


(Can be used for Both PVE & PVP)


ID defaulted to 1


View of island



Files to download (TESTED On my own server fresh install) Mega Link !!



Download Link v1.4



Original Map design by Teach Scallywag


v1.4 Fixed & updated all code, Added Epic spawns to sea, Updated all routes & included Traders & Ghostship, Moved 1 Island to make room for 1 more & updated the Regional values..

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IMPORTANT !!! Doing any of this will require a fresh start, If your OK with that continue.....


Shut down the server after doing a full save.... Connect Via FTP as normal,  & download the Saved folder.... so your taking a full backup of your present game... If your not bothered about this either than just continue....


Download the RAR file from the link... Unrar to your desktop you should ONLY have 2 files & 1 folder..... Go back to your FTP program & Double click the shootergame folder, from there youll see the files you have on your desktop, Drag the 2 files & 1 folder into the ftp program it will ask to over write click yes.... If it doesnt ask to over write your dragging the files into the wrong place...... Once youve done this & it did in fact ask go back to your Survival servers admin page for this server..... & check cleansteamcmd folder clean modfolder clean savefolder , also select update & validate then click the button at the bottom thats says save & restart server.... This will create a fresh game using the new Json files ive done....


The Island Mnt_X_WR_PVE contains the Hydra along with the power stone key.. Be warned though died 3 times within 1 min just checking it out haha Good source of Mythos though if you can team up..

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Cool, thanks

1) Can I override 1 server of my 2x2 cluster without affecting others?

    ?? by ftp the files or by using Grid Customization in Cpanel?


2) Can I append a 5th server to my 2x2 cluster as custom map  at 2,1 location

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Have a look at my 2nd attempt.. The extreme island one.. thats an update of the Survival Servers origonal starter map.. was able to learn from that one.. like the power stone settings & biome stuff.. along with a better choice of islands.. that has 5 discovery areas givin a max player of upto 450 possible plus 2 PVE special event island that contain the hydra, gorgons & the elementals...

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Linking is not a pain - you just have to Run the same map - you can't run a 2x2 or say 1x1 when the other is running a 4x4. That was our issue and you choose not to update your map which forced me to reset everything for the second time. 


Running 5 servers on a 2x2 grid (2x2 only supports 4 servers) so I'm not sure the point of having that 5th server when you only have a 2x2 grid.



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