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3x Small tribe PVP aberration server with donation rewards and fair PVP

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Server name: "3x small tribe (no admin base)" Search under the filter unofficial PC session and on the map of aberration to find the server, at the moment were a little low population but have 30 slots so hopefully we can fill it up and get some good wars and fair PVP in!! down below is a list of the donation rewards you get for donating while i stream. Make sure if you do donate you state in the donation that you want ark benefits from the donation though!



Donation rewards: 
5 dollars: Basic base package: 3x4 base layout
1 doorway and door
28 walls 
12 floors
12 ceilings
4 mortar and pestles
2 forges
4 large chests
10 dollar: intermidiate base package: 6x7 base layout
2 doorways and doors
52 walls 
42 floors
42 ceilings
6 mortar and pestle
4 forges
8 large chests
basic iron items
15 dollar: Advanced base package: 5x10 base layout
2 doorways and doors
60 walls 
50 floors 
50 ceilings 
Indy forge
15 large chests
journey men basic items
5 dollar mount donation:
level 60 Ravanger
level 60 Roll Rat
10 dollar mount donation:
level 100 megalosaurus
level 100 anky
15 dollar mount donation:
level 125 Rock Drake
level 125 Ravanger
or choice of mount.
Misc donations:
5 dollars: indy forge
5 dollars: 3k metal ingots
5 dollars: mastercraft BP of choice
5 dollars: mastercraft saddle of choice

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