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  1. My server keeps entering into an unknown state, the players that are already connected to the server report that the server lags back every few seconds and i cannot start stop or restart the server the only way ive been able to temporarily fix this issue is with hitting the save settings and restart game server button in the control panel. I do have a custom restart config setup for 2:00 PST, if anyone knows why my server keeps doing that and knows how to fix it id be much appreciated!
  2. Server name: "3x small tribe (no admin base)" Search under the filter unofficial PC session and on the map of aberration to find the server, at the moment were a little low population but have 30 slots so hopefully we can fill it up and get some good wars and fair PVP in!! down below is a list of the donation rewards you get for donating while i stream. Make sure if you do donate you state in the donation that you want ark benefits from the donation though! Donation rewards: 5 dollars: Basic base package: 3x4 base layout1 doorway and door28 walls 12 floors12 ceilingssmithy4 mortar and pestles2 forges4 large chests 10 dollar: intermidiate base package: 6x7 base layout2 doorways and doors52 walls 42 floors42 ceilingssmithy6 mortar and pestle4 forges8 large chestsbasic iron items 15 dollar: Advanced base package: 5x10 base layout2 doorways and doors60 walls 50 floors 50 ceilings smithy fabricatorIndy forge15 large chestsjourney men basic items 5 dollar mount donation: level 60 Ravangerorlevel 60 Roll Rat 10 dollar mount donation: level 100 megalosaurusorlevel 100 anky 15 dollar mount donation: level 125 Rock Drakeorlevel 125 Ravangeror choice of mount. Misc donations: 5 dollars: indy forge 5 dollars: 3k metal ingots 5 dollars: mastercraft BP of choice 5 dollars: mastercraft saddle of choice
  3. sorry to prolong this, but how do i send you a ticket? nevermind found it
  4. i have resaved many times, least i think i have ive gone in and changed a few setttings and then restarted the server to update the settings but nothing seems to update
  5. i changed my map to aberration and my loot crates dont seem to have the loot that ive boosted it to, back on Ragnarok i had it set to 5x and everyone was getting ascendant items in the drops so i lowered to 3x and it seemed decently balanced but now on aberration the 3x doesnt seem to be giving any good items we all get blueprints that are not worth anything for example bp for shag rug, bp for silencers, bp for fish baskets, those are just some of items we get so if anyone knows how to fix that then id be much obliged.
  6. For some reason my server is not making backups correctly and is not restarting correctly, i wake up and come on to find out that the server has reset almost a whole day, the backup list has barely any saves towards that day so i cant backup before the restart, my current idea is to completely turn off restarting and see if that works, if anyone knows how to solve this issue then please help.
  7. changed my map to aberration and im having multiple issues, one of them being that certain players come in and they have to wait 30 minutes to respawn. I have tried setting the custom respawn to 0 so there is no consequence for dying multiple times, I have also tried to turn it off nothing is working, please help.