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Steam Workshop Map installation guide (client + server) - example map "Apako"

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This is an outdated topic. We have implemented an easy to use mod install tool into our control panel which no longer requires this guide to be followed.



For this tutorial I will be installing a new map called Apako.
Client-side Setup

  • Open ARK: Survival Evolved page in Steam on your computerBgDXmoT.png
  • Click on the Community Hub linkmwXLE3v.png
  • Click on the Workshop linkskhEXzZ.png
  • Click on Apako_Islands linkVjmo9Pq.png
  • Subscribe to the contentzGoiw3J.png
  • Wait for the map to finish downloadingpoUQN7I.png
  • Right-click on ARK: Survival Evolved from your library and click propertiesR1DOSsh.png
  • From the Local Files tab, press the Browse Local Files... buttonsjTq2vv.png
  • Navigate to the steamapps folderdQCzeqi.png
  • Navigate and go into the 346110 directory (or the ID that matches the Workshop content you downloaded)uin7azC.png
  • Copy the entire 469987622 folder (which includes the Workshop content for Apako)tQYbOMB.png
  • Navigate back to the steamapps folderdQCzeqi.png
  • Copy the 469987622 folder into the Maps folderZwb3yOa.png
  • Rename the 469987622 folder to Apako9kUokiU.png
  • All set, you are now able to join ARK: Survival Evolved servers with the Apako custom map content from Steam Workshop.

Server-side Setup

  • Stop your game server from the control panel
  • Open up your FTP client and navigate to the root directory. For a tutorial on how to use FTP, click here.yqlLH2o.png
  • Navigate to the /ShooterGame/Content/Maps folder
  • Upload the Apako folder (from client setup steps) here (the entire folder, not just the contents)agR8yZo.png
  • Navigate back to the Survival Servers control panel
  • Enable custom launch parameters (if you haven't already) and copy the default from the info box (the little 'i' icon next to the custom launch parametersXpguoVw.png
  • Paste this into a Notepad and modify like such2B6H9F3.png
  • Paste the new launch parameter line in the control panel5WpoPLt.png
  • Press the green Update & Restart button
  • Your ARK: Survival Evolved server is now set to play Apako.XMtMfFx.png

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