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Needing help setting myself as Admin


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Title pretty much explains it.

I am currently unable to set myself as admin. I am already well aware of this info:

Admin Panel

  1. Grant yourself admin using /setaccesslevel "username" admin.
    "By default the server owner can use the username admin and their RCON password from their control panel."
  2. Pressing "Esc" on your keyboard will open up a menu and the Admin Panel can then be selected.

Due to me not being an admin, I cant even use /setaccesslevel, it says I dont have the right to use that. So, I moved on to the quote above, about using your username and RCON password located in the control panel.

However, where do I put this in? I assumed you would input this below:


However, that does not work, considering I transferred in a world and saved characters. So the username has to be the same from the imported character, otherwise I have to start from scratch. I say that since it mentions user the username "admin".

So I am assuming that's not it. Since this game is fairly new on SurvivalServers it seems, there isnt really anything on making yourself admin for this hosting platform.

Do I need to use custom parameters? Any help would be awesome.


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I actually just figured it out. I needed to edit my .db file on the dedicated server with a DB editor. Going in there, I needed to set my username "Luthariii" accesslevel to admin, in the whitelist. Now I am always admin automatically for my main character when I log in.

I didn't want to have a separate user I had to log in and out of, basically. I dont mind turning off admin powers every time I log. I just want admin abilities while I play my main profile.

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I'm still having issues with this. I tried using Admin the my RCON password. But when I attempt to do " /setaccesslevel "username" admin" it tells me I lack the permissions. The gentlemens .DB editor work around is something completely foreign to me. Also when I've attempted to access the 
MyWorld.ini button plan Chrome page opens and nothing more. Please be gentle running servers is something new to me. I need abit of a 
hand hold".

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