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  1. I actually just figured it out. I needed to edit my .db file on the dedicated server with a DB editor. Going in there, I needed to set my username "Luthariii" accesslevel to admin, in the whitelist. Now I am always admin automatically for my main character when I log in. I didn't want to have a separate user I had to log in and out of, basically. I dont mind turning off admin powers every time I log. I just want admin abilities while I play my main profile.
  2. Title pretty much explains it. I am currently unable to set myself as admin. I am already well aware of this info: Admin Panel Grant yourself admin using /setaccesslevel "username" admin. "By default the server owner can use the username admin and their RCON password from their control panel." Pressing "Esc" on your keyboard will open up a menu and the Admin Panel can then be selected. Due to me not being an admin, I cant even use /setaccesslevel, it says I dont have the right to use that. So, I moved on to the quote above, about using your username and RCON password located in the control panel. However, where do I put this in? I assumed you would input this below: However, that does not work, considering I transferred in a world and saved characters. So the username has to be the same from the imported character, otherwise I have to start from scratch. I say that since it mentions user the username "admin". So I am assuming that's not it. Since this game is fairly new on SurvivalServers it seems, there isnt really anything on making yourself admin for this hosting platform. Do I need to use custom parameters? Any help would be awesome.