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Found 10 results

  1. If you have an idea for a software/tool that you think we should support, please post here. I will take a look and see if I can do it and update the status in this post. Open Requests PrivateHiveTools - code needs clean up work and updating to - in progress Epoch Settings - quick ability to change hard-coded Epoch settings - in progress New mods - Epoch Namalsk, Overpoch Namalsk, Overpoch Sauerland - planned (added Feb 8, 2015) Control Panel - Log Viewer - planned Control Panel - File Manager - planned
  2. Attention DayZ players I have created a server titled ZSquad's DayZ Epoch Reimagined and plays on chernarusA2. The server features some things from Arma2 Epoch like survivor mission, a hero and bandit humanity system, spawn select, guns, hud and more. The server also features some stuff that isn't from Arma2, but has been added to enhance gameplay. Some of those features are DayZ Dog and Snake, a P2P Trader that's 100% player driven, expansion map and groups, BBP, immersiveNVG, and more. We have some custom locations on the map for you to find and explore. Heros and Bandits also have their own respective starting gear that varies from the Bambi players. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/EcEV5D5WPv Server Name: ZSqad's DayZ Epoch Reimagined | Solo/Duo/Trio | Missions It will be unlocked and open for play within the next few days.
  3. HELLS HERE SERVER IS RESURRECTED..... (PVP) Epoch Be prepared to die a lot All scripts and mods installed by, Caveman
  4. If you have an idea for a software/tool that you think we should support, please post here. I will take a look and see if I can do it and update the status in this post. Open Requests Epoch Settings - quick ability to change hard-coded Epoch settings - planned A3Wasteland Settings - planned infiSTAR A3 tools - in progress, coming soon Control Panel - Log Viewer - planned Control Panel - File Manager - planned
  5. WAI Version 2.2.0 (Latest on GitHub as of posting) World: Chernarus Mods: @Epoch1061 Installed add-ons InfinStar, Map Edit and Addition Custom loot files No Problem description Wicked AI Mission will spawn, but any other Custom Spawn does not appear to work, despite numerous tries and attempts to fix it. What I have tried so far - In config file: static_missions = false; // use static mission file custom_per_world = true; // use a custom mission file per world and reverted from either one true/false, to both true, to both false and have made this change several times - Starting with both clean dayz_server.pbo and DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus - Tried both with admin plugin and with a clean server. The RPT shows WAI Missions starting, and I can confirm in-game they are, but for some reason no other AI will spawn. I see a missing ';' at line 247 of the same file this in the RPT as well, but for the life of me cant see where I missed the expression. I attempted to attach the Customsetting.Sqf but the forum will not let me....
  6. is there a list of what vehicles and weapons fall under each category? for example Aircraft 105 how do i know which aircraft that adds to the trader with out just adding it and checking in game? thanks
  7. Harper

    Server Ban

    Hello, Bringing this here in hopes of some insight. I have an Arma 3 Epoch Altis server, that ive had through Survival Servers for some time now. Love the site, love the mod, love the server. However, Epoch recently updated to With that, I had to have the mods on my server reinstalled to be updated accordingly as far as the AI goes (which is the only mod I have installed with Epoch). I am an administrator on the server and the only one. Im not running any additional or special mods on the server and no additional or aftermarket antihack. Ive changed no parameters or anything in any server files. I have 10 or so friends that casually play along with me and play my server. Today, after Survival Servers installed the AI, I logged in just fine and enjoyed the server. Thereafter though we found that anyone and everyone else besides me that connects, gets autobanned from the server. This has included 5 of my friends total. All 5 have legitimate copies of Arma 3, and Steam. All 5 can play on any other Epoch server just fine, and Epoch is the only mod they have installed. All 5 of them are from different machines, different houses, different states, and different ISP's. I can play freely, but they cannot, as of today. Never happened before. It seems as though it only happens when somebody respawns in an NPC outpost, or when they log in, in an NPC outpost. There are no other times or places it happens. Only then. Thus far, ive deleted all the entries on the ban.txt file and they can rejoin the server successfully but dont make it 10 steps before getting banned again. No change. Ive disabled and the in game antihack, to no avail. If I disable too much of that, my server just never shows up after a restart. Ive submitted a ticket more than 24 hours ago, and got a reply. The support team did exactly what I did, and deleted entries on the ban.txt file(s), and that was it. Same result, nobody besides me can join my server without getting an autoban. At this point I havent heard back from them in many hours, and they dont seem to be putting any hands on my server. So I thought id reach out for any advice from the community that can be offered as to a possible solution. Below is a picture of the message upon joining for anybody but me, and also what shows up in the log. Thank you in advance for anyone that can assist me.
  8. Hello SS community! I am 100% used to the ArmA 2 server files and scripting (Very, VERY successful server) and hardly even know where to start on modding my ArmA 3 Epoch server. If anyone can help me or point me to some help it would be much appreciated! I.E. Mission System, HUD, ATMs, etc. I can install them myself I just need to get familiar with the arma 3 server files. Thanks for the help! Sincerely, CudaRay - GoH Gaming
  9. How can we tell what server version of Epoch we are running, it appears there was a problem with build 2 of where people would lose ammo on log out, I saw they fixed it with a new build released and wanted to make sure it wasn't that before I go and tear apart everything else.
  10. Hi Guys, I have created a new server and I'm looking for people to play on it with us, there are 5 Admins who are very active (In GMT Timezone) and we are open to ideas for improvements to the server, Feedback is very much appreciated and we will help In any ways we can. Hope to see you on the server, Details are below. IP: It's a 50 slot server so tell your friends and get a community going, Donation packs are available, feel free to PM me either on here or ask an admin online In-Game for more information, Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Baget