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  1. I got it all fixed up, phew. that was close. xD thanks anyways bilco
  2. I have a support ticket up for this but I am posting this here in hopes that a staff member will see it sooner. An old admin of mine that I had to boot off the server has broken into it and has locked me out of everything, I had a backup email but that got changed somehow.
  3. A friend of mine, and myself already have Exile Esseker set up. I am working on a tutorial for this and can get back to you when it's ready if you like.
  4. I am working on a few ports at the moment. I can get back to you when they are ready if you like.
  5. The new issue is that even with a fresh server NOBODY can join. It still continuously swaps status and when you are in the lobby, you are constantly being put into and out of the player selection. With and without mods installed.
  6. Alrighty, I will update and try this out. Thanks Ryan.
  7. Do you have any custom parameters or anything like such?
  8. Hello SS Community I am here on hopes that someone might know why this issue may be occurring. I am trying to add Zombies & Demons to my Exile server and the server is online, but it is locking on it's own and not unlocking. This is a fairly big problem for me as it is #2 on my list for the server. I am an experienced scripter but I am having some trouble on this one. My launch parameters are as such; @Exile;@ExileServer;@ZD (ZD is my filename for this mod). I have used these parameters w/o the mod in it and they work fine, with the mod in, it starts, but keeps changing status and is allways locked w/o a password. Any help reguarding this issue is much appreciated. EDIT: Now the server won't even unlock using previously working methods. -sigh-
  9. CudaRay


    I have already installed infiSTAR on my Exile server and I had no need to put it in the launch parameters. It is late at night while typing this so I have yet to study the above comments. If you are still having issues on installing this I can help you out tomorrow more in depth. Just shoot me a PM.
  10. CudaRay

    Esseker Map

    Yes, I know CCG has already done this but they have a large team. So unless you are very good at this sort of thing, I suggest waiting on that.
  11. CudaRay

    Admin Panel

    Go into your @epoch folder in your FTP, there is an EpochAH file there. Look for the line it has you add in the admin UIDs. (should look like this by default 0,0,0,0) add your UID in place of the first 0 or something similar and you are all set after restarting the server. Remember to always shut down your server before making any changes. If this doesn't help you can PM me for more detail on this.
  12. CudaRay


    The copy of infiSTAR you have purchased should have a readme.txt file in it. Follow those instructions. If you cannot get it to work, I can help you further with a more detailed instruction.
  13. Working on a fix.....I hope I find it soon. Or maybe BI will release a hotfix for the issues of starting the game.

  14. Server not updating information. Ugh the issues. xD

  15. CudaRay

    Some help please

    It will do this for 10-15 minutes after the server restart. If you join whilst this is going on, it will give you a battleye restriction kick. This is nothing to worry about as you should be able to simply log back in and join the server as normal after this has happened. If you would like any help or anything I would LOVE to help you out. I am an avid scripter and know a lot about FTP etc.