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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone able to hit me up with a how to guide or talk me through things/guide me through set ups for my server? I'm developing a new ark server and would love some help. Message me on discord BariosFae#0001 if you are able to help me out. Thanks a mill.
  2. Hello everybody, I want to introduce you to the Ark-y-Tek servers. These servers have a x10 multiplier and a peculiarity: they mix PvE servers with a PvP server. This mode is intended for most people, who do not have enough time to survive the extreme aggressiveness of some players, since you can grow in PvE and then move to PvP to fight. To avoid going to PvP just to fight, the movement of objects has been restricted and tell us from PvP to PvE, that is, what is brought to PvP, you have to protect it or lose it. With this growth possibility for all players, balanced battles are guaranteed and armed to the teeth, and not tek rexes armed with atomic warps against stone houses of newcomers, which unfortunately, are usually the most common raids in pure PvP. In addition, one can save reserves in PvE, so when being raided, it would not be necessary to start from scratch, it would even be possible to retaliate. This system, which leaves no one behind, guarantees that the server is NO WIPE The servers are the following: Cluster x10 - # 01 The Island PvE - # 02 Scorched Earth PvE - # 03 The Center PvE - # 04 Ragnarok PvE - # 05 Aberration PvE - # 06 Extinction PvE - # 07 Valguero PvE - # 08 Genesis I PvE - # 09 Crystal Isles PvE - # 10 Genesis II PvE - # 11 Ragnarok PvP All the information and links to the servers on our website and discord: Website: https://www.arkytek.es Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9agDUdJ
  3. Come join our new community and experience ark the way it’s meant to be played
  4. Hello everyone , My Friends and I are playing on an ARK unoffficial PVP server on PC. Some of us are playing through Steam, others through Epic. Since Epic doesn't support any mod at the moment, how can I manually : Change the Item stack size limit, to make it higher than the default setting ? Allow players to respec their character at anytime in the game ? I didn't find any option related to it in the control panel, and the various informations I found on the web doesn't help me to know how and where to implement those changes. I am sorry if this was already treated in a previous topic, but I didn't find any on the forum. Anyone having a solution to propose, or a link to provide ? Thanks for your support ----------- [ UPDATE ] ----------- I found this link on reddit, with possible manual commands to inject in the server to solve the stack size question : However, I dont know where I should inject those lines : Server settings GameUserSettings.ini GameUserSettings.ini Game.ini Also, Shall I do it from the Web Control Panel, or something else like ARKON or FTP ? I think this may also could be a good thing to add these features in your web control panel in the future. I mean, until Mods are implemented on Epic. I'll keep it updated if i find a solution.
  5. When I try to add another mod the entire server stops working , It stops responding. I am putting a comma between every id.
  6. Hey all, We run a small 10 slot private Ark server. We seem to be having trouble with a mod we are trying to add. The mod ID is in the list. In the #1 load order slot. The problem seems to be that while installing the mod during the restart 2 nights ago, the restart must have been interrupted. I had to manually go in and force a restart because the server had not come back after over an hour with the control panel still reporting "Stopped." My question is, Is there a way to Delete the mod out of a mod folder via FTP to FORCE the server to re-download the mod in question? I have removed the MOD ID# in the console and re-added it to no avail. Do i need to give the Server Host admins the ID number and name to have YOU guys delete it manually? Waiting for a reply. Thanks guys.
  7. I have one main Ragnarok and a cluster server The center. I want to make my cluster server a seprate server, is that possible? Should I write to Support Team or can I modify through my Contol panel?