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Found 60 results

  1. NEW Valguero Modded Server Open To Public!!! Family-Oriented new server with plenty of room to play. Only rules is there is NO griefing or trolling and respect at all times! NO Drama! Mods: Platforms Plus Structures Plus Auto Engrams Classic Flyers Ultra Stacks Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered Platforms Anywhere Eco's Garden Décor Bore Water Kit Mini Industrial Forge Teleport Pad 1.4 Freestanding Oil Pump
  2. An Intro. My son said he'd like a Minecraft server. I rented a 4GB 2CPU instance yesterday using the Ubuntu Minecraft 1.15.2 image, I put the UFW firewall up and opened both TCP and UDP to the default game and rcon ports, enabled rcon, gave it a password. I've allowed 200 players, he wants to get his school playing. I changed the systemd start command to give 3GB to the java run line and it now says ExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -DmS mc-%i /usr/bin/java -Xmx3G -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui I do not know the slightest bit about gameplay, when I log in I just stand there, dig a hole and fall in. The boy can repeat what I did to build the server now that he's seen it done. So, I can rcon in with linux mcrcon and /op the boy, he knows what to do with the op status. I can list and see him. He can play. All of that works. Will his op status continue past a reboot or do I have to do something more? Is the hardware going to handle 200 players? I have no idea when to scale anything. Where do I look for mods? He says there's mods. I'm wary about security and about who writes them but that's just ignorance. What would I like to have known once I know more. Is there a performance implication? Is it true that only people with java edition can use the server? Only people running 1.15.2? It makes no difference whether they're on android, linux, Mac or Microsoft Windows™?
  3. So my server wont load all my mods. But the kicker is sometimes it will and the mods it wont load changes each time I log in. I have about 14 mods on my server. I thought it was just mod update issues but I have double checked for that. I have also tried changing the mod order. That dosent seem to work either. I also created a mod collection but that didnt load correctly either. Any Ideas?
  4. i have a handfull of mods on my server, they all work just fine offline but not on my server. i have them listed in the mod line on the CP and i see them also listed in the config file. what am i missing that i have no mods on the server?
  5. Looking for a guide or video on how to add mods to the server using the 7dtd survival server I just bought. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Hey all, We run a small 10 slot private Ark server. We seem to be having trouble with a mod we are trying to add. The mod ID is in the list. In the #1 load order slot. The problem seems to be that while installing the mod during the restart 2 nights ago, the restart must have been interrupted. I had to manually go in and force a restart because the server had not come back after over an hour with the control panel still reporting "Stopped." My question is, Is there a way to Delete the mod out of a mod folder via FTP to FORCE the server to re-download the mod in question? I have removed the MOD ID# in the console and re-added it to no avail. Do i need to give the Server Host admins the ID number and name to have YOU guys delete it manually? Waiting for a reply. Thanks guys.
  7. Hey guys I was just wondering if it is possible to add zombies to my modded server? and if so how would i go about doing so. any help is greatly appreciated UPDATE- im just a derp they are called "murderers" not zombies and i figured out how to get them on
  8. Nezbit


    for some reason I can not get the traders mod to work on my server they do not show up on the map ?
  9. VGhostDivisionV

    Mods Issue

    My server will not let me change the map configuration to "Custom". It simply gives me an error saying that the item is too short.
  10. I rent a server from survival servers for ark on PC and i add 3 mods before after that i change the map to custom map and i want to also change the mods i take a modpack from YouTube and i copy the mod IDs and i write it after server is ready i couldn't find any mod except the map it run successfully i want to know whats the problem plz can help me sorry for the language i don't know English very well
  11. Hey guys, this is my first time using any form of rented server for ARK. I've downloaded a few mods but I notice some issues with my server and a few bugs. How exactly would I be able to remove all the mods without deleting my save files?
  12. Earthly


    I want mods in my server who can help me with that
  13. I am doing some custom plugins leveraging the ArkApi (now AtlasApi). Plugins work that is all fine but I noticed that even if I unload the plugin I can not replace the file as it says it is locked. Best guess I had was that it is locked from "redis" but I am not seeing a feasible way to stop that temporarily to test my theory. I know this might not seem pressing but as people get plugins I am sure this will become more of an issue. Thanks!
  14. So what Mods are you all running on your servers and why? What makes them great?
  15. merx

    DayZ Workshop Mods?

    I see that there is a workshop in steam for DayZ Mods, but there is no place in the Server CP to add the Steam ID's for them like in other games like ARK etc. How do we go about adding Steam Workshop mods to our servers?
  16. I am starting to work with adding mods to DnL as some are starting to be available. Carefully of course as the devkit is minimal and the modders are still working on basic kinks. Since there is no area to add the mods in the control panel as of yet, I've tried just adding the ActiveMods= line into the gameusersettings.ini It appears to not be loading the mods. Am I missing something I need to add? or is it just the mods not being all that stable yet? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I've had my server up with the following mods (in this order) for 2 weeks now and have experienced nothing but issues. LBPR_Collision_Update_Add_On.pak SexilesMod.pak Emberlight.pak Immersion.pak Pickup+.pak No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak DyeMoreBetterer.pak Populus.pak CharEditLite.pak shaved.pak TheColdEmbrace-Main.pak Everytime the server restarts it either goes Invalid or tells me the modlist doesn't match despite it showing as matching. I can fix this by restarting 1-4 times in a row until it magically decides to work but these restarts keep getting longer and longer. Currently I've been waiting 40 minutes on one restart and I'm starting to lose interest. I'm really just curious if it's the mods that are causing this (which wouldn't surprise me) or if it's the server. I'd love to know if other people are having issues like this as opposed to opening a ticket and not exactly being told what the issue is/how to fix it in the future. Any input is greatly appreciated! I really hope it is the mods because I don't want to leave Survival Servers but at this point I'm hardly getting my moneys worth. Thanks for everyone's time in advance.
  18. So i can join my server right now because the server and the mods don't match. How do i update the mod on the server side of it. I looked around the control panel and googled searched ant i have come to no results. If anyone could help me out that would be great
  19. Hello, so I was just wondering.. is there a way to make our server save more backups? And save the world more often? We are paranoid now with mods messing it up. We've had two occurrences that the server just freezes, says its still online then we have to go into it and restart it.. and every time we log back in the structures and all modded content is gone, even dinos. Only things that remain are vanilla tames and structures. We always have to do backups in order to get the server back on its feet, and today we had to do a backup from all the way at 7am when it went down around 9pm... We have 20 people playing on our server.. and we need help with this issue. Also, why is there no update notifiers??? LIKE HELLO? Our server goes down constantly for mod updates and not once does it warn people.. we have to do manual restarts all the time for them. Our player base really wants warnings.. Paying nearly 42 a month for a 50 slot server.. we expect more. All we've had are so many issues and barely any help. It's like tech support has just given up.
  20. After some research I found the Steam Workshop Mod line in the Hurtworld Wiki. Separating each task with a ";" and no spaces. Each Mod "Will" be seperated by a space. if a particular Mod needs to be first in the Load order you should list it's Steam ID # first here as well. Here is an example of a standard Custom Launch Parameter (Replace the #'s with your server, Steam User ID and Mod ID digits) host #####;addadmin YourSteamID;creativemode 1;loadmod ########## ########## Only separating the Mod ID's with spaces. Cheers
  21. Is it possible to run a cluster with each map having different mods? For example, since the Island map cannot currently transfer Griffins, it would seem beneficial to only load a mod like Breedable Griffins to the Ragnarok map in the cluster. If it IS possible, how complex can you make it? Can you run one cluster server with Primitive + Total Conversion and another with Vanilla?
  22. So I had the S+ mod on my servers for awhile. But every time I've done the updates the Mod itself disappears and eventually I have to wipe and start over. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to keeping this mod or is it inevitable that it's just going to disappear after almost every major patch by Ark /Wildcard ? Since we only have FTP access doing anything like copying the mod files takes forever. I've tried uninstalling the mod and having it re-download .. I've tried restoring from backups. The last 259.35 patch really screwed me over I had to wipe my servers because the S+ mod would fail to load
  23. Hey there, i searched it up everywhere but i can't find a answer to my problem. I rented a server at SurvivalServers for Ark: Survival Evolved and everything is working great, except a few things that hold me from playing. Note that everything i mention is what i searched up on google, tough punctually. This is the first server i rented and i have experience with it. I did have a Xbox One server for Ark so i have a good picture about the server configs. First of all, I seem to have a problem with whitelisting. Things that i tried: - I have to add my Steam64 id to a text file with directory "ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt" but there was no file like that so made one with only my steam64 id in it. Icould not get in. - While whitelisting was off i got online and you the admincodes to whitelist myself and after toggle whitelisting on but it didnt work. If someone knows what i am doing wrong please tell me. I dont know excactly what to do when it comes to adding mods, but know i have to put de steamID after ActiveMods= in the gamesettings text file but there was such line as ActiveMods=. I noticed that there was an option to insert on the control panel do i did that. Now it becomes tricky for me, i have to actually put the mods in the right server folder. I don't know how to retrieve the files and i dont know what folder. On the last server that i played they had the floating damage indicators turned on, the same as you see when you hit a training dummy. How do i turn this on? Is it a mod instead? I tried adding ShowFloatingDamageText=True to gamesettings but that also didnt work. Since alot of walktroughs say that need to go to a folder that doesnt show up when i search for it it might work another way on SurvivalServers but i don't know. Waiting for a reaction.
  24. Server IP: *The Universe* |PvPvE|OldFlyers|2x Tame| Cosmic Spectres' Discord: https://discord.gg/HUJb7f6 Hello travelers! My name is KingChris709 and I am hosting a lightly modded Ark server and we are in search for more players. We do have an active group that plays but we are always looking for more slots to fill. In our Ark sever, you will experience: ★Great connections ★Friendly community ★Solid performing mods ★2x Taming Speed We like to keep the game fair and good for survival so we only implemented mods that we believe won't impact the game too much and will keep everything balanced. Alongside the mods, we have increased the taming rate to 2x to speed up captures. This keeps the game just a little more fast paced to keep the energy going. The only current mods include: ★Classic Flyers ★Structures Plus ★Super Spyglass ★Pet Finder We are always looking for new ideas and are open to any suggestions you may have to improve the gameplay experience. Please consider our server as one of your main because we will not stop until we meet the expectations of our players. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on *The Universe*! Please support our server on: https://toparkservers.com/server/
  25. General Server Info This is a PVP Server, PVP is encouraged, but keep in mind that if your actions hurt the overall server population, then you risk being banned. Rates XP = x20 Harvest Rate =x15 Server Taming = x30 Max Player Level 120 Max Dino 180 List of installed mods & rules below. ~Server Rules~ • No cheating. The use of 3rd party programs (Aimbot, ESP, etc.), bugs, and/or glitches is strictly forbidden. This also includes Exploits of bugs or glitches. • Tribes are limited to 1 bases. • No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Penguin Spawns, Deep Sea Loot Crates. • No Raiding your own tribe from within. IF you choose to leave a tribe, you leave with what the owner of the tribe says is yours, or nothing. This is to prevent complaints of inside raiding. F12 (screenshot) what the owner says is yours so there is no confusion. • NO pillar/foundation spam. Clean up taming pens after use. If you are found in violation of this rule, the destroytribestructures command may be used. (Pillars/Foundations may be used within the walls of your base) • Your base is limited to the size of the ORP Bubble, choose base locations wisely. Anything beyond the orp bubble is at risk to offline raiding. • Any offensive structure that is used for a raid must be destroyed after the raid is done. • 8 Players Max Per Tribe • All Dinos enabled Installed Mods - Difficulty 6++,Scorched Earth Plus,Dino Colors Plus,Reusable Plus,Structures Plus,StackMeMore (v1.08),MiniForge,Mini Vault,STARTER KIT,Meat Spoiler,Pet Finder,Death Helper IP=