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  1. Hello everybody, I want to introduce you to the Ark-y-Tek servers. These servers have a x10 multiplier and a peculiarity: they mix PvE servers with a PvP server. This mode is intended for most people, who do not have enough time to survive the extreme aggressiveness of some players, since you can grow in PvE and then move to PvP to fight. To avoid going to PvP just to fight, the movement of objects has been restricted and tell us from PvP to PvE, that is, what is brought to PvP, you have to protect it or lose it. With this growth possibility for all players, balanced battles are guaranteed and armed to the teeth, and not tek rexes armed with atomic warps against stone houses of newcomers, which unfortunately, are usually the most common raids in pure PvP. In addition, one can save reserves in PvE, so when being raided, it would not be necessary to start from scratch, it would even be possible to retaliate. This system, which leaves no one behind, guarantees that the server is NO WIPE The servers are the following: Cluster x10 - # 01 The Island PvE - # 02 Scorched Earth PvE - # 03 The Center PvE - # 04 Ragnarok PvE - # 05 Aberration PvE - # 06 Extinction PvE - # 07 Valguero PvE - # 08 Genesis I PvE - # 09 Crystal Isles PvE - # 10 Genesis II PvE - # 11 Ragnarok PvP All the information and links to the servers on our website and discord: Website: https://www.arkytek.es Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9agDUdJ