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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I need advice on this one, i've not disabled anything relating to downloading or uploading dinos, in the config it appears to all be okay and should function normally, though when i upload a dino, it's all and well, the dino gets destroyed in the game, and gets added to the obelisk but when i download the dino (even on the same map) right after i upload it, the name then disappears from the list and does not spawn the dino when i try to download it. Please advise, if you need any information, i can screenshot my config or give a live demonstration if needed if someone can help.
  2. Hello, I seem be doing something incorrectly on the server. I have an Ark server with Survival and my friend was playing on it. He found a dino that he wanted to transfer over to another server (German server owned by someone else and some other server host). However, he was unable to upload the tamed dino via the obelisk. Then I tried to upload some stones and that too did not work. It does not give me the option to upload anything via the obelisk. Currently we have this setting. NoTributeDownloads=False What are we missing here?
  3. Wondering if possible and what files to download a player info, a players dino(s) then FTP it up to new server. Files, folders to for 1 player and dinos. If possible I could just write an app to copy player/dinos to new server Suggestions welcome
  4. So this is a bit of a headache, I selected defaults for these settings assuming they would match up with official servers. And now that my community has Dino's and leveled them I don't want to take their work away from them. But I am really annoyed because they're almost double what default is. According to the wiki and the forums, after taming a Dino you should be able to level it up 66 more times. However we are able to level ours 120 times >.< I noticed there is an option to go back and customize this to bring it back down to 66. But speaking for current and future users of SurvivalServers.com please try to keep default settings actually default Thanks EDIT: I am also aware that default difficulty on official is 5 and your servers are 4... This was an easy fix that I caught right away since no Dino's were above 120. However it took quite a while for me to discover by max leveling one of my Dino's that your default Dino levels were also incorrect, hence this post.
  5. Hi Guys, Right not sure if i'm being an idiot here but for some reason i can't find the answer, So the dinos on my server are all at 30- level, i thought the normal level was 120 now but i could be wrong! Any way i can fix this. I'm new to hosting and it's probably looking at me in the face but i just can;t see it, any help would be greatly appreciated, either that or point me in the right direction via a link Kind regards
  6. I've created a ticket for this, but thought other players might be able to help as well Issue 1: Annunaki Genesis Mod (ID: 538986229) works on my server in all aspects EXCEPT that the maximum level for Dino's are not raised as they should be by this mod. Despite this mod being active in the server, the max level for Dino's remain the same as in the base (vanilla) game. When working correctly, this mod should allow "the vanilla creatures to spawn between the levels 1 – 600"(source: Annunaki Genesis: Survivor Readme on Steam). Instead, Dinos can only be found at a max level of 120. I understand there are numerous posts on the Survival Server's forums concerning both the Annunaki Mod and the raising of max Dino levels. I've thoroughly read through each and every post related to these subjects (on Survival Server forums, Steam Workshop Forums, and throughout Google), as well as exhausting all proposed solutions to no success. My attempted solutions that failed: Wiping the server clean, removing Annunaki Mod, and resetting all Server Configurations to default. Afterwards, I re-installed Annunaki Mod to the server. Wiping of the server of Dinos via EnableCheats --> SetCheatPlayer True --> admincheat DestroyWildDinos. Purpose for this was to remove all current Dinos from the server, allowing the server to repopulate with the updated and higher levels. Dinos repopulated at same vanilla levels. Using FTP to alter the Game.ini. The hierarchy of folders for this document was ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer. I added OverrideMaxExperiencePoints for both player and dino, set equal to experience points needed for the max level. I added LevelExperienceRampOverrides for both player and dino, set equal to all of the levels and their respective experience points. I added OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints for the amount of player levels available (120 total levels). Solution I am aware of: Levels can be added via Game Server Control Panel --> Modify Server Config --> Dino Level Config --> Make Changes --> Adding Levels. I attempted this and I believe it would work, HOWEVER this method becomes extremely unhelpful when attempting to raise the Max Level to 600. Getting the custom Game.ini file to work with the server would be much more efficient. Solution I'd prefer: I'd like to be able to get the Game.ini file currently in the server's file to work. My modified version of the game.ini can be found attached to this post. Any suggestions are welcome! Let me know of anything else you need, and thank you for your time! Related Links: Dino and Player Levels https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1675-cant-increase-max-level/?hl=level&do=findComment&comment=14959 https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2039-level-cap/?hl=level#entry11889 https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1821-need-help-increasing-dino-and-player-levels/?hl=level http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=467912585 Annunaki https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2968-cannot-run-annunaki/ https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Annunaki_Ark/discussions/5/357288572116198252/ http://arksurvivalevolved.gamewalkthrough-universe.com/dedicatedservers/customizationtools/customlevelstool/default.aspx Game.txt
  7. COME ONE COME ALL!! Come join us on our ARK Survival Evolved server! All are welcome, it is a 30x XP, 50x Harvest, 30x Taming, 50x Crop Speed, 60x Egg hatch speed, 80x Baby Mature speed. Level cap is currently 150 but will be increased as the server progresses. The Admins are very active in helping in anyway they can. We will be having weekly Events such as Giveaways!, Races!, and other Large world events like ALPHA Takeover!! The first 50 Members to join the server receive a FREE DINO. The Server is Privately Paid for powered by Survival Servers and Runs Great as long as the Pre-developed game allows it. So to help Maintain the server costs we allow In-game Donations for Certain Dino's, Materials, and or other items. THIS SERVER NEVER WIPES! I know many servers claim this and don’t follow through with it but we have people taking care in the balance of the server so such a thing isn't needed. To Join Please FRIEND OR MESSAGE ON STEAM GriffonRebron Thank You for your time and we hope to see you in our community.
  8. My game froze and when I logged back in all of my dinos sd they belong to me, but were red and will not follow directions.
  9. Under the spawn configuration for dinos, there are 2 options. Spawn Multiplier and Spawn Percentage. For example, say I want to decrease the overall amount of Dragonfly that spawn on the island, how would I do this?