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  1. 1. Are you using Mods? If so, make sure your mod versions are all the same. 2. Could you find it before but can't find it now? Yes -> mod/version issue, see #1 No -> have you added it as a favorite in your server list? If no, go to your main steam window, click "View" (top left), Servers, Favorites and then add your server with the following format IP Address:Port Number (like this Once you do this, launch ark and you can find your server easily under your favorites.
  2. I haven't been able to see if this has already been answered, but when I loaded the center map, there are no rocks/trees/etc. Just bare land and dinos. How do I fix this?
  3. Upon investigating further, it looks like the gameusersettings ini file did save, but the game ini file did not. Edit: I was able to setup a custom made game.ini file and the settings took place as I wanted them. Working on installing the mods now. Last Edit: I've tried all I can think of to get the mods to work. I want 2 of them on my server (509791002,529563842). Here are the steps I've taken thus far: 1. List the mod id numbers on the control panel 2. Stop the server 3. Big green button to restart the server. 4. Mods not working 5. Stop the server 6. Tested to make sure the mods are working on my local server, they are. 7. Copy the mods from my local directory to the server using FTP. 8. Restart the server, still not working. What needs to be done to fix this?
  4. I am having this same issue. I've included screenshots of what the settings should be, but my game.ini and usersettings.ini file do not have the info in them. As you can see in my mod config tool, the settings in my current game are not what I've tried to setup using the tool. The things not showing in the ini files (I'm sure I don't have all of them listed here, but from what I can tell) are: Player levels Player engrams Dino levels Intervals for poop, eggs (fertilized), decay speeds for crops, crop growth, etc. Allowable structures on platform saddles Lastly, the mods are not being installed at all. When the server is updated, the mods folder is still empty. If this is a problem on survivalservers end, let me know how to fix it. Otherwise, if I can get a copy of a default ini (game and usersettings) with all of the possible variables we can adjust, I can change them on my side then copy over to my server. Whatever fixes this the fastest, please let me know asap. My pathway for updating the changes is as follows. 1. Stop the server 2. Open the mod config tool 3. Makes adjustments as needed and click the large orange button on the bottom. 4. Wait for the server to change from orange (loading) or blue (ready) 5. Stop the server 6. Make sure the configuration is the same 7. Double check mod id numbers 8. Click large green button to update and restart the server. 9. Log in to filezilla to see if the changes were saved. Am I missing something? I should have much larger files when looking through FTP however, the changes (as you can see from screenshots) are not there. I feel I would have a better time with this if you can send me a default game and usersetting ini file. I can adjust them in there (I know the values such as 0=health, I just don't know the proper wording for every variable). I can only attach 1 file per post, I will post 3 more after this to have the other files as screenshots. Edit: After trying to upload the GameUserSettings files to this thread, they are too large to post. I can send them to you if needed.
  5. Server is 8745 if I'm lucky enough to have Ryan look at this. I'm trying to adjust the engram configuration (number of engrams points gained per level) on the server, but every time I make changes they are not implemented on the server. What am I doing wrong, I'm sure it's a simple setting I've not used yet. This was fixed. You have to tally up the max xp allowed for the player and include that number on the overridemaxexperienceplayer line just above the config of the engrams/xp per level. Finally got it solved.
  6. Max difficulty is a multiplier where 0 = regular and 1= 4x as difficult. At least from my understanding.
  7. Requirements: VERY knowledgeable user (currently hosting an Ark: Survival Evolved server) Detailed knowledge of how to adjust all settings available through the control panel English speaking (clearly) Have a Google Wallet account (so I can pay you) Prefer US based, but if not, that's okay. Curse or Skype installed (to talk) The amount I pay will be no less than $20 and no more than $60 depending on how helpful you are to me. I have lots of questions, patience is a REQUIREMENT! My name is Scott, please message me for further info if you think you can help and meet the requirements above! Thanks all!
  8. I've adjust quite a few settings in regard to engrams, levels, dino hp (tamed and wild) and a few other settings from the orange button "modify server config". I then save and update settings. I then restart the server to make the changes but when I log on, the changes have not taken place. What am I doing incorrectly?
  9. I've been trying to adjust the earned engrams (I want to increase to 1.5 per level, so if originally a character gets 8, they will now get 12). I changed each level through the control panel, saved the settings, and restarted the server, however the changes did not take place. How do I accomplish this?
  10. Under the spawn configuration for dinos, there are 2 options. Spawn Multiplier and Spawn Percentage. For example, say I want to decrease the overall amount of Dragonfly that spawn on the island, how would I do this?
  11. I'm trying to learn how FTP saving my ark before updates works. So far I understand the process takes place like this: 1. "admincheat saveworld" 2. Locate the save in my SavedArks**** folder (using filezilla) 3. Copy the saved ark to my computer This is as far as I've gotten. How do I make sure the players on my ark don't lose their information? I deleted the files in SavedArk**** after I copied them (this deleted many characters and removed everyone from whatever tribe they were in, lesson learned here). After I update, how to I make sure the saved file is the one booted from when I restart the server? Do I simply transfer it back to the SavedArk**** folder on my server and start the server? Please help me out with this if you can. I'm new to this but I learn quickly. Thank you in advance to all whom are able/willing to help!
  12. Sorry for the question guys, I'm VERY new to this stuff. I read through the FTP guide and I think I understand most of it, however, when I use "admincheat saveworld", I am not able to find where the save was placed. I want to ensure I save before I shutdown and update the server. Please help me out, I'm still learning, but you'll only need to explain what I'm missing once! Thank you in advance to whomever can walk me through this. Also, once I have the save, I just transfer the file to my computer from the server files, and then should I need it, transfer it back to the server files from my computer, is this correct?