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  1. Hey Is there any chance of seeing an option for people to donate directly to the upkeep of a game server? While in general i don't mind paying for our server, i know others would love to contribute too. Just having to go trough the whole PayPal or foreign bank transfers is a bit of a hazzle and feels way too formal for a crowd of relaxed gamers as us. Suggestions for other options of handling it is appreciated too.
  2. Exact thing just happened here for us too, it's quite infuriating for the 5 of us either flying around, taming or in my case, in fight with a Deathworm. I do expect this to be an absolute emergency maintence, since otherwise it would be reasonable to expect a warning upfront, instead of literally crashing the game on us.
  3. Game server id: #38408 Ticket: #478342 Second time this week i have to contact you regarding this issue. This is now my sixth time overall i have to contact you guys regarding this issue. While i can appreciate the need for emergency maintenance, this is quite frankly getting too much.
  4. GAME SERVER ID #38408 Ticket ID #491684 Unknown again. 5 times now, is it really possible to have that much unexpected maintenance on one server?
  5. Server unknown for the third time in a short period. This is getting out of hand. GAME SERVER ID #38408
  6. Server Unknown again only 6 days after last time. Hopefully this is not a recurring weekly thing. GAME SERVER ID #38408
  7. Server Status Unknown. Can't press on start, stop or restart. ID #38408 Support Ticket #772194