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  1. Ok, I have this already, but when I look in the profile and tribes data, it references other saved data I believe that is not readily apparent.
  2. Unfortunately, I have chosen to stop hosting my server at the end of the month (time to move on to another game). Anyway, I know about the incremental backups, but that doesn't contain all of the server data. Usually, those incremental backups only have map, position, and maybe the items in your inventory. How do I obtain a full server backup so that when (if) we come back to ark, I can re-upload the info and be off and running again. Thanks in advance.
  3. But be ware, once you update that, keep a copy of it. Any update you do from the green button at the bottom of the control panel will overwrite it back to defaults. Maybe sure you use the start/stop/restart links at the top of the page and it won't get overwritten.
  4. mjr819

    Alpha 16

    Haven't had issues connecting, but it's via direct IP input, never by finding it in the listings. So not really an issue for me and my friends, just don't have new blood on the server.
  5. mjr819

    Alpha 16

    My server has never shown up in the listings, just have to connect to it via direct IP address.
  6. mjr819

    Alpha 16

    Any word on this? About to update my server...should I wait?
  7. Yep, I posted about this a little while ago...you have to edit the config file by FTP and then upload it. Any setting change in the menus in the control panel make it so that things get overwritten (to default).
  8. I assume based on the response that there's no update planned for the panel then...damn...I'll actually have to remember stuff then. Thanks for the answer though.
  9. Good morning, I was wondering if you guys were looking into updating your servers so that on an "server update", you do not overwrite the configuration file? It is an utter PIA to go and update the server, shut it down, re-update the config file and then restart because frankly, I forget to a lot. LOL. Is this an issue with 7DTD? Is it a server script issue? Can you guys look into this? Thanks, Mike
  10. I haven't seen this happen to any of my servers here
  11. Yep, I figured that out too. For this game, just use the start/stop/restart options. It's nice because this game doesn't get updated like some of the others...
  12. Well, this has been asked a bunch of times and seems to be glossed over. I have tried to install starvation on my server here but haven't necessarily got it to work properly. My first question is does anyone have starvation running here? If so, do you have the installation guide from Mortelentus that I could see in order to figure out what I am doing wrong? I have the launcher installed locally and I have the mod running flawlessly. Once that was up and running, I have tried multiple times to upload the setup to the server, but I can not seem to get it to run properly. I am wondering if I am missing a file or something in my uploads or something is getting overwritten when I start/stop/restart the server (thus the request for Mortelentus' guide). Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. This will definitely affect whether I expend my server here or go someplace where I can get the support for this mod.
  13. Just delete the save game folder and it will start the game over.
  14. Installed True Survival on my server last night...couldn't get Starvation to work properly so I went down this road.