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  1. When you change a customers server IP address you should send out at email saying as such. Its not that difficult, really.
  2. thats really good to know as I was looking into this mod/tool
  3. I do not understand this request/statement, Im sure I am not the only one either. Please give more info on what you are trying to say that way the community and Devs can help you. Simply saying does not tell us anything you are trying to get across.
  4. I two have this issue thats why im came here to see if I was the only one. Thank gawd im not! lol
  5. Have you rebooted your computer, and tried to update from steam? I think you might have but not sure. From what I see on that picture, your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam folder has gone rogue, and stopped its ability to read write.
  6. My server which is a PVPVE server, I haven't had any issues with transfer, just did a few today. Next question is are you guys running PVE only servers?
  7. i haven't had this problem on my server, however do you have any mods that could mess with the ownership transfer.....mods cause a lot of the problem with this game as far as I can tell.
  8. Confirmed I had the same issues as these guys and it has been fixed!
  9. i had the same problem earlier, I openned a support ticket and they got it fixed rather quickly! https://survivalservers.com/support/
  10. you can run that command anytime....its one of the commands i have to memory.
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600705968&searchtext=ORP thats the place you need to get your info for it from.....
  12. Go to Tools : then the big yellowish button that says Modify Server Config. Then find Global Voice Chat Makes voice chat global instead of proximity based Uncheck -> Proximity ChatMakes in-game chat proximity based instead of global Then restart the server! should fix that issue!
  13. used a guest support ticket fixed with in like an hour or so after submitting. Your customer service is AWESOME. you can quote me on that!
  14. thats an ARK issue not a hosting issue. I used to play on the official servers and it did the same things.
  15. I started a new server with you folks today. I have been trying to get it set up for a little while now, I oopsied and closed out the game server page. Now its not letting me see that page again, I see that I have a server under ARK but it wont link like it did the very first time I clicked on it. Also my user name and password isnt working on the support page like the email said it would.