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  1. So what Mods are you all running on your servers and why? What makes them great?
  2. Server Chat Server Log (Quick Access) Mod List Player List
  3. Can we get something like this for controlling the server? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=468312476&insideModal=1
  4. Would be great if we could do the following from the Control Panel. Things to help control View Players and the names who are on the sever. Input Admin Commands View or interact with in game chat.(Post as console) Have command line arguments clickable options.
  5. I type these commands and get no response, after typing admincheat fly the console disappears and I cant bring it up with out restarting the game.......
  6. when i typed the same I loose the Console key! DOH!
  7. Its the server Slot machine, 2 of my friend actually got onto my server but I cant! hahaha
  8. Server Ports are screwed up too!!