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  1. This wasn't like that, got a quick support ticket response. Apparently something had to have been fixed and the administrator I saw in my room was an actual SS server Admin. All good now, slightly frustrating but quick fix from them.
  2. I load Arma III and try to join onto my server. When I type in my password it gives me the message "this server is currently locked." Yes the password is correct because when I purposely typed it in wrong it told me so. I did that just to double check. Why is my server locked, how can I fix this. I finally got into the lobby and "administrator" was in there. Problem is, I am the admin on the server.... All fixed, although I do not know what was wrong with it, quick response on a support ticket from SS, thanks.
  3. Therkc

    Admin Panel

    Oh I'm sorry, it's for the Australia map. As I said I am completely new to scripting, but I am aware of admin tools like on infistar. I was just seeing if SS had one issued on the maps themselves as a control panel so me and my friend could have some sort of functions over the server in game. Epoch Australia Also I know the map is vanilla, but there are some issues right off the bat with spawns. Helicopters, jetskis are being spawned into objects and destroyed at spawn in. One trader that I know of as of right now is spawned into a solid object as well.
  4. Therkc

    Admin Panel

    Excuse me for I am 100% new to servers, scripting, editing and mods. However I am having problems finding out how to access the in game Admin Panel for my server. I haven't even begun to look into editing and scripting seeing as how I would probably be better off hiring somebody, but I do need access to that as soon as I can get it. If these servers do not have an in game admin panel does anybody have a suggestion for one I should get? Thank you.