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  1. Alikard24


    Ryan could you tell me where to edit files to make myself an admin on the serveR?
  2. Alikard24


    Sorry Ryan, must be blind and over looked that post. Thanks for responding.
  3. Alikard24


    odd, mines been up for 24 hrs and still not on the launcher
  4. Alikard24


    Thank you Ryan, last question do you know about how long it takes for the game to be added to the Server Browser for Hurtworld?
  5. Alikard24


    How do you add the plugins to the server?
  6. Mine was locked but due to being setup that way where it would like for like 4 or 5 mins after restarts
  7. It fixed, not sure what that was lol
  8. Server just crashed and went to status unknown on the control panel. Had issues with high ping kicks prior
  9. Alikard24

    Esseker Map

    Anyone know how hard it would be to covert Exile to Esseker
  10. Alikard24


    Did that to john then tried to edit his scripts.txt so i can keep my AI going. I'm getting close to having it finished, I just have to keep doing trial and error
  11. It was a screw up on my end. Have my missions working now, I can log on with no restrictions with infistar loaded,but nothing when i hit f1
  12. Alikard24


    For now I'm just gonna disable Infistar all together.
  13. Alikard24


    I've also got 2 battleeye folders in my ftp