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PURGEservers.com/PVE Days/PVP Nights/discord.gg/MYVGgH9


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PURGEservers.com|PVE Days|PVP Nights|discord.gg/MYVGgH9 

Announcing first and original “Purge” server made for the hardcore PVE survival enthusiasts, base building gurus, and PVP chads that wants the full experience. This server has been made to simulate an actual survival world for all players with an added twist of nights being more dangerous than ever. Players in this server must manage their time accordingly, build bases they can defend, and gather supplies in the safety of the daylight. Days are PVE only and time for quests/preparation or to indulge in being a survivor. Nights are no rules PVP and raiding. Choose your skills based on the kind of character you intend to be, defend your base, create your own purge team or purge solo, and plan your days accordingly.


- Custom discord locked purge team channels and tags for teams of 3 or more 
- Events and loot giveaways 
- Admin/Moderator opportunities 
- Stable and consistent server maintenance 
- No Profit/Group Funded Server 
- Maturity and Respect above all 

“Tonight, we’ll see the good and evil in everyone.” 

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