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  1. Also waiting for server updates. Server will not start after update/validate and clean.
  2. Do we have to clean save folders again or just run update/validate? Thanks again.
  3. I found a way to fix the issue Ryan and everyone with the super admin not staying persistent. This needs to be your script and it will stay persistent. BUT you have to edit it in the control panel under "advanced configs" and your game.ini, open and put this with your steam ID at the bottom ("x" standing in for your other info) then yellow save button in that same sub-menu. Has stayed for about 5 restarts so far. [/Script/DeadMatter.DMGameSession] x x x SuperAdmins=DONOTREMOVE SuperAdmins=76561198364624266
  4. I guess what I am suggesting is how you have the steam ID auto inputting into the game.ini stock file I would replicate and put steam into the stock file for each server as super admin.
  5. Is there a way to add something so at least us server admins have a permanent save and dont have to re put it in every time? I appreciate what you do and how much you all have been on top of it, but at the price I dont see any benefit if we cant even stay admins of our own server and have to reupload every time. When the server crashed, the file is wiped and brought back to default. And crashes are at about ever 30 minutes. If we have to just keep inputting us just as admins then there is no point to have a server.
  6. Before update for some reason it would only work after it crashed i would have to force update and validate which you could only do with green button. Either way, you are right. Closed alpha is what it is.
  7. I understand kind of, just difficult to own a server and reinput the game.ini every 4 hours for the next however long.
  8. Hey Ryan, when can we take off the restarting game files? Getting difficult having to reload files every time because it goes back to default.
  9. following as mine is the same
  10. I am now having issues where I cant get my server up at all. No changes, but server will not get out of loading. Have validated/updated and all i know to do.
  11. Hey Ryan is boosting or anything to help stop crashes available? Or is that on the Dead Matters side?
  12. From my understanding there currently is no admin control during closed alpha.
  13. So I am in filezilla and have followed the guide to a T but am still getting the critical connection error saying i am not logged in on the second response.
  14. Fantastic, will work on that now. Also need help on whitelisting myself to run the admin console. After that i should be set to take over the world. Thanks again