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Closed Alpha FAQ

Ryan Pennington

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Good Afternoon Survivors!

Today is the day! This topic will be updated with information about the release of Dead Matter - Closed Alpha.

When does the Closed Alpha begin?

Closed Alpha is currently live. Check @deadmattergame for the latest.

How do I claim my key when it is ready?

From the Qi software store, you will need to login and attach your email with the same one used in Kickstarter/Indiegogo.

From there you will find the items available on the Orders page.

Go to the Profile and connect your Steam account.

From there you will be ready to click the Claim button on the Orders page when it's available.


How do I purchase a closed alpha key during the closed alpha?

You will be able to purchase from the Qi software store under the Single-Action Pack item.

First, register an account. Then login. From there you will see the Store and you can purchase the key here.


Will servers on SurvivalServers.com be available at closed alpha?

Aug 23 10pm PST update: Game servers are now ready to be deployed (see my comment to this thread below for detail)

How in-depth will the servers be during the closed alpha?

We don't have an exact idea of what configuration parameters will be available at launch. From some clips on Twitch, we've found console commands for popular commands like changing day-night cycle, spawning and killing zombies in range, teleporting, and god mode. It's imaginable that some of these might be restricted at launch as the devs have stated they intend to keep the closed alpha very simple in nature to allow them to balance the game and fix bugs more easily. Password protection has not been confirmed but seems very likely with this type of game.

Will there be mods in the closed alpha?


Will my friends be able to buy a closed alpha key after the count-down?

Yes! They will still be able to purchase via the Qi software store


That's all for now folks. We'll see you later this week and will update this thread as more details are available.

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We are rolling out server support right now. Will update this FAQ tomorrow morning with more information.

For now you can do these steps to download server files on your pre-ordered server (new servers will auto download)

1. Select Yes, run update/validate from the Server Update select on the control panel

2. Click the green Save & Restart button

3. Any manual changes you need to make can be done via FTP on your /deadmatter/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini or Engine.ini files.

Variables that can be modified on the Game.ini can be found here with descriptions.

Will also be rolling out admin/super admin support when that is available (currently not working it seems)

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