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Scum Server help

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Apologies for posting here, but there doesn't appear to be a game category for Scum.


After renting the server, I immediately noticed there's no neat browser control panel for the basic settings and the like as with your Ark panel, and this is fine. I was attempting to look up good info sources on how to use the FTP tools specifically to set those myself and where to find Scum-specific files and how to modify them (for loot settings or the like). It seems not all info on the outside web agrees, and I was mostly wondering if there's a good info source to find out.

I would tentatively be interested in funding a browser-based setting manager for loot and spawn settings potentially too, but that's far less important! Sticking with SurvivalServers regardless, but I've never done any real FTP editing before and just want to make sure I know the information I'm going on is good before I start. Thank you, and sorry for both posting here and all the silly questions.

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Want to thank the admins here for contacting me (response via support) and clear that up! The reply was so fast, and the information perfectly specific to fill in what I hadn't understood from the survivalservers wiki on hosting Scum servers. I *think* my server is all perfectly set up now how I wanted it, so thank you again!

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