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  1. Lake

    Scum Server help

    Want to thank the admins here for contacting me (response via support) and clear that up! The reply was so fast, and the information perfectly specific to fill in what I hadn't understood from the survivalservers wiki on hosting Scum servers. I *think* my server is all perfectly set up now how I wanted it, so thank you again!
  2. Lake

    Scum Server help

    Apologies for posting here, but there doesn't appear to be a game category for Scum. After renting the server, I immediately noticed there's no neat browser control panel for the basic settings and the like as with your Ark panel, and this is fine. I was attempting to look up good info sources on how to use the FTP tools specifically to set those myself and where to find Scum-specific files and how to modify them (for loot settings or the like). It seems not all info on the outside web agrees, and I was mostly wondering if there's a good info source to find out. I would tentat
  3. Congrats on your server! And welcome to server management. It can take some time to get a good answer for things you need to know (as I've figured out!) but not long ago I was/am in the same boat as you. I've learned a few things that have helped specifically with your issue with the Titan. Just adding the line you've found out about to the ini file doesn't work. Not sure why it doesn't, but doing just that doesn't allow it to be fed. There's a bit of a complicated thing you have to do, which is way more complicated than adding a mod. You'll need to set up custom launch parameters with that
  4. Boneface is a saint and patron of server owners everywhere. Thankies!
  5. This has been happening for quite some time for me, and may be worth looking into. I blame my mods for it for mine (and still think that's the case) but they more or less seem to have been sorted out, and as of last night my buddy couldn't log into the server. We had several updates last night to the main game though, plus at least one mod update right after he tried. Still want to bring it up in case it IS something in a recent build that is causing privately hosted servers some issues that the devs may not have made public.
  6. Didn't want to start my own thread if I could find a similar issue, and this appears similar. I have an issue where mods are not obviously loading on my server, which concerns me. I have placed each mod number obtained via the Steam website (in order) in the Mod ID(s) box on the control panel page on your website, seperated by spaced. I've stopped and updated/started the server once but I did just place my order tonight. I am wondering if I've missed a step somewhere as I am not experienced in setting this sort of thing up. Other than that I was wondering if there's any advice out there for