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does arma 3 suppport steering wheels?


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I really love driving in arma 3 but i would love to use a steering wheel, i tried looking it up on google but didn't find anything. i remember hearing about them looking to it but maybe you guys will have an update for me.

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yes it supports it as any other joystick and better now that some updates ago the analog vehicle movement was improved.

Anyways its not really that usefull unless you are going to be all the mission as driver since when you jump out the vehicle or in you may need to take the wheel and drop the mouse and its a bit troublesome, specially if you are under fire, i can assure you it can get really messy :P.

The real advantage on having a steering wheel its more on the pedals, since the analog steering with the mouse its already good if you want that kind of control. The pedals give you better control over you velocity and allow you to keep slow speeds easilly. You can also use the pedals for flying, so thats another use. where am i

So if you already have a steering wheel and you want to test it with arma, do it. But i wont recomend you to buy it just for arma since keyboard or even mouse control(personally dont like it) its more than enough for ground vehicles.

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