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AXEHOLE'S  ARK RAG SERVER  is now avail would not mind a couple of people (not idiots)  To check it out,  and let me know how the playability is.

Downloads, and character imports  NOT avail   will have to start with a fresh toon.  SERVER is on a Harder mode for more challenging play,  CLEAN PVP Server, without Griefing, Wiping, Pet slaughters  etc.

Do not wipe players, tribes,  do not kill dino tames in progress,  do not kill babies, and passive pets,  Have respect for other players  

Looking at setting up server where I will be doing PVP  vs  admins,   and special  events  with treasures and rewards for players tribes 

Looking for Small tribes 2-5 people  with 2-4 tribes in total.   20 slots on server 

Boosted Pet stam, and dmg, Boosted Resistance to dmg,  

Boosted egg hatching / maturation, and  Tames, 

Player XP, Stam, and Oxygen boosted, 

SERVER is much harder with higher Wild dino lvls  and should be much more challening for survival etc.

Boosted tamed pet levle ups avail up to 100 Lvl ups tamed.

server events and special *Friendly*  PVP events will be organized.


Looking for some LONG TERM<   Mature,  Respectful players  who basicly like to get along and not screw everything up for everyone. 
Obviously those not interested in that will  be banned,  beaten half to death and tortured for my pleasure.

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Hey I am a semi seasoned player and I and my (3-4)friends are looking for a long term server to play on. I would love to join your server it sounds like a perfect fit for my group.

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