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  1. AXEHOLE'S ARK RAG SERVER is now avail would not mind a couple of people (not idiots) To check it out, and let me know how the playability is. Downloads, and character imports NOT avail will have to start with a fresh toon. SERVER is on a Harder mode for more challenging play, CLEAN PVP Server, without Griefing, Wiping, Pet slaughters etc. Do not wipe players, tribes, do not kill dino tames in progress, do not kill babies, and passive pets, Have respect for other players Looking at setting up server where I will be doing PVP vs admins, and special events with treasures and rewards for players tribes Looking for Small tribes 2-5 people with 2-4 tribes in total. 20 slots on server Boosted Pet stam, and dmg, Boosted Resistance to dmg, Boosted egg hatching / maturation, and Tames, Player XP, Stam, and Oxygen boosted, SERVER is much harder with higher Wild dino lvls and should be much more challening for survival etc. Boosted tamed pet levle ups avail up to 100 Lvl ups tamed. server events and special *Friendly* PVP events will be organized. Looking for some LONG TERM< Mature, Respectful players who basicly like to get along and not screw everything up for everyone. Obviously those not interested in that will be banned, beaten half to death and tortured for my pleasure.
  2. I am NEW to using your Services, and getting my own server with you. I don't know everything YET> But approx 1 week into my new server here are some suggestions. AND i want to say, Very happy with your services / server so far, No down time, and even with - 0 experience in this kind of thing, I am not having very many major issues,, although there is a lot of trial and error figuring things out. These may have been covered in other posts,, I however did not read all 15 pagers of suggestions yet On Control panel web page, should be an ez access, easy to read LOG< of all that has happened in last 24 hours on the server, you can read a basic list, see who is on, who is off, who got raided, killed etc. So I can do a quick check before im off to work for the day, or at the end of the day when i get home. * Better explantion on y our config setup etc. So i go through your config, and setup options. And some items have that have an extra Info or b utton to explain further, but I think the VAST MAJORITY of the features could use the same thing, as the meaning, and function is NOT Clear just by reading the name, and I For one, who Don't have any experience in this department have to go to Google CONSTANTLY to search and look up all the info regarding that setting, to clarify what i want to do. Is it possible to change the Character limit, on the server title, really doesnt let me list boosted settings and xp etc without knowing all the oodles of short forms of everything, which I don't, having a Longer Server name character amount would be nice to throw in some extra tidbits of info for those looking for a server. I noticed there are no dino options available for Ark extinction in the setup files, for dino spawns etc. I thought Mana's were only avail there, and should be spawn options for titans Unless I dont know somethign which is entirely possible