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A Little guidence required please.


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Hey all,

We run a small 10 slot private Ark server. We seem to be having trouble with a mod we are trying to add.  The mod ID is in the list. In the #1 load order slot. The problem seems to be that while installing the mod during the restart 2 nights ago, the restart must have been interrupted. I had to manually go in and force a restart because the server had not come back after over an hour with the control panel still reporting "Stopped."

My question is, Is there a way to Delete the mod out of a mod folder via FTP to FORCE the server to re-download the mod in question?

I have removed the MOD ID# in the console and re-added it to no avail.   Do i need to give the Server Host admins the ID number and name to have YOU guys delete it manually?


Waiting for a reply.

Thanks guys.

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First one is really going to be account specific and we can take a look in a support ticket.

Second question, you really don't want to mess with mod folders in FTP. There is a check box on your control panel "Clean Mods Folder" that you can utilize if needed.

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