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Helicopters crash my game every time!!


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Currently I can play the game for long periods of time but the second I go near a helicopter that's on or starting up (or be in the helicopter), my game crashes after a few seconds of the rotors spinning. Same error code every time. Issue doesn't seem to pertain to mods, even with no mods or DLC enabled still crashes.


I've tried many things but so far no luck. GPU and CPU temps are fine. Reinstalled DirectX and verified game files. Windows System File Check but no files were corrupted. Drivers are up to date but I've tried rolling back GPU drivers but still the issue is present.

Very frustrating issue that I've been struggling with, hoping i can find a solution here.

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On 1/7/2020 at 11:14 AM, Capps said:

I would suggest validating your game files through steam!

Will this work? Cause last time i did it, it was the same and no changes at all. Or am i missing something?

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