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How to add mods to your DayZ server [Guide]


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On 5/24/2022 at 5:44 PM, battle said:

I have the mods loaded and everything *should* be ready, but the server won't load a map, its keeps saying started, but it also says its loading, and it won't load

means ur servers crashed i believe, cause when mine did that it was due to input error on my end. if you put the quotations inbetween each mod itll do that
look below and see if your line looks similar to mine or if you got a bunch of extra quotations in there (pretty new to this hosting service but when i changed the launch line n restarted it came up and said ready not loading anymore) :)

"[email protected];@Dabs Framework;@DeerIsle;@dbo_surfaces_DI"

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  • 1 month later...

I have been reading all these threads on adding mods... my server gets stuck in the loading mode, and the DayZ_X64.log simply reads "[Error] Mod Error: failed to find mod, @ZomBerryAdminTools does not exist"

I had not even installed that mod, but nothing else I did would change the error, so I did install it, and yet it still throws the same error.

I have FTP'd the folders to the root, I have removed spaces from names, added the keys to the keys directory, set it to custom map, added the following to the launcher 

"[email protected];@CodeLock;@MMGBaseStorage;@NoShoeDamage;@PartyMe;@Repair;@UnlimitedStamina;@VanillaPlusPlusMap;@SchanaModGlobalChat;@ZomBerryAdminTools"


and yet nothing is working.  The basic Livonia map works... so what am I missing?


Also, I feel like it's an old install?  There are files for steammodcopydir for mods I never installed, and dates from June and July when I literally signed up last night.  Can someone explain?

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