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Server Restart Times

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Hey all,

I'm just curious if anyone has any thoughts or answers as to why SurvivalServers take 15-20ish minutes to restart?


Background: I rented a server from *other server company*, i think like, 9 months ago. Played on it for a few month. Stopped playing because life. Fast Forward to today, My girlfriend is renting a server now for us and she likes SurvialServers. And where we are! When i was running my server from *other server company* i had roughly 20 mods installed with it, could have up to 60 people on it, and every restart took roughly 3-4 minutes. Not long at all id say for a server.

However, now that I'm on and using SS, helping her, i can see *other server company* is fricken fast. The server shes running is a 10 person server, with i think 12 mods, and restart times are in the ~20 minute mark..... Blew my mind.

I'm not here to bash on Survival Servers, it is what it is. But i find myself with each restart not understanding in the slighting how the restart time can be so flipping different. Esp under the circumstances of smaller server size, less mods, etc. 

IDK if it matters, but each server rental is for the same game.

Thank you for anyone who reads and replies. My curiosity greatly appreciates it also lol.


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You can try toggling the "Skip Mod Update" and "Skip ARK Update" one time toggles to help speed up the restart process. This will get the server into the "Loading" phase much faster as it prevents the server from checking all of the mods for updates on that specific restart!


If you continue to experience longer load times you can submit a ticket so we can take a look to see if there is anything else contributing to the restart times!

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