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How to make server private/password protected?

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Does anyone know how to make the server either private, hidden, or password protected?  We just kind of made it for us to play around on, but we have had a few randoms join.



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So for placing an actual password on your space engineers server its a bit on a complex process as the server encrypts the password in the config file. If you'd like an actual password on the server simply send us a support ticket with the requested password and we can add it for you!

The other method relies on Steam group membership to enforce joining rights. By creating a Steam group and only inviting the players you want into the group, you can keep a server private through the use of this "whitelist".

First off, you need to create your Steam group and you will need the ID number associated with it.

  1. On the group's page, (e.g http:/steamcommunity.com/groups/rps), click "Invite Friends".
  2. On the next page, you can find your Group ID number in the page's URL.

Once you have that ID number, you will need FTP access to your server to modify the server's configuration file directly. Below are the steps to do

  1. Stop your server from the control panel.
  2. Log in to FTP using WinSCP (a free FTP software) using the connection details found in the "FTP Details" section of the game server control panel. Download link for WinSCP here: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php
  3. Navigate to the directory you wish to upload or edit a file.
    • In the Instance folder, open up a file named SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg.
  4. Search for GroupID and you will find a line shown as <GroupID>0</GroupID>
  5. Replace the 0, in between the two GroupID sections, with the group ID number you received.
    • Ex: <GroupID><103582791429554934</GroupID>
  6. Save the file and then close the text editor.
  7. Restart your server from the control panel.

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