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ARK not installing

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Hey, my problem is that ARK is permanently downloading, it has already downloaded 26.8 GB of 26.8 GB down. This means that the update will never finish (it has been updating for 2 days now), all files are already unzipped and in the download folder (D: \ Steam ARK \ steamapps \ downloading \ 346110). I have talked to a moderator from the ARK Germany forum so far (who came to the conclusion that there is a problem with the installation process) as well as support from Steam Support/StudioWilcard Support, which could not help me yet, here is what I already did: emptied Steamcache several times; Steam download region changed several times; Steam completely deleted and reinstalled on another disk; ARK installed on all my 3 hard drives to eliminate disk damage (over 1 TB of free space); Repair ARK files; Pull ARK files from the download folder to the ARK folder and start the game through the (ShooterGame.exe (usually starts the game)) -> error message; Copied ARK files from the download folder to the ARK folder and tried to repair the files through Steam; Windows registry emptied; Run through CCleaner; Minimum requirements of the PC hardware compared with the hardware recommended by StudioWildcard (sufficient); Driver reinstalled; all anti-virus programs and firewalls were turned off; my modem and router restarted (20min between off and on);  downloaded ARK on the mobile data of my smartphone and running Steam, of course, always in the administrator mode. Despite everything, absolutely nothing has changed and I still get the same connection timeout error message.


All other downloads of games are done normally and do not delay.

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