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Trying to add a server to one I already have

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I currently have a single server active but want to add another to it. 


Can I just create the addition server with all of its maps and such and just link the Atlas id to the new server or do I have to actually create a new Json as a 1x2 or 2x1 for both servers?


Please help new creating servers but very interested in learning how to host.


Thank you


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I think its possible to do either or both But you would do better to utilize both servers as 1 with a proper map dedicated to having as much as possible to explore rather than 2 default maps.... or even 2 separate custom ones....


Also I think its possible to run any large grid, Take a Custom 2x2 & only activate the 2 grids you wish, But again it would be better to build a custom 2 grid map....

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