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How to connect to the Redis Database for you server(s)


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I recently ran into an issue where I lost a character when travelling into a new grid on my 3x3. I ended up with 2 different characters on my database that the game which swap me between each time I would travel between zones. 


After some reading and talking with Tallon, I figured the best way to deal with this was to wipe the database and start over. Then I started to think about why not connect to the database and try to edit it instead. I was able to successfully connect to my grid's database and edit it to resolve my issue. The below link is how I did that. 


DO NOT manipulate the database unless you know what you are doing, and I advise that you take copies before you do so. Also, you need to make sure that your server(s) are offline before doing this so nothing is writing to the database while you are working on it. 


I wanted to post this here because I couldn't find any reliable info on the redis database anywhere on the web really. Hope this helps someone out. If I find any additional database related info out, I will add it here. 







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