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New to my own server, Need some help please.

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First question i have is my friend who used to have his own server through this same company sent me the files he saved from that game, so im wondering where do i place the files on my pc and how do i load them to the server i have now.

In the folder he sent me they are listed like this

Config - this is a folder with a bunch of stuff in it

game.db-wal - just one file like that

game_backup_1 - just the one file like that



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Ok so i got my Single player to work with the old files i had from our previous server. but still not with my server. All i had to do with the single player was take the game_backup_1.db and rename it to game and moved it to my single player game and it worked.

Now with the server im using WinSCP and when i do the same thing with my back up file it gives me this error "Coping file to remote side failed. Requested action not taken, file not found or no access" 

and I cant figure this out.

And yes I have a ticket in for this but I don't think they can help. I even sent them the files and they responded that they installed it and im good, Of course I wasn't though, I logged into the game and it was a brand new game.

Someone has to know what I need to do here. Thank you

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