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serverdz.cfg not changing at all

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Hey guys! I've been having some issues making changes to my server, I am trying to change stuff in the serverDZ.cfg file(don't worry i'm doing the one in the admin folder haha), like 1st person only, turning off the debug monitor, etc. I am turning the server off, then saving the changes sending it to the server, then giving a few minutes then restarting via the control panel. But every time the server never changes, when I look at the serverDZ.cfg in the control panel it hasn't changed, in-game it hasn't changed. Any ideas?

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Whenever you click "save changes and restart game server", it rewrites your serverDZcfg. file with the parameters set in the control panel with defaults, which is why it looks like the file isn't saving your changes.  Here's what I did to work around it.

1. set "-config=serverDZ.cfg" in the launch parameter lines after setting the map to "Custom"

2.  Copy the serverDZ.cfg file in the Admin folder and paste it in the root directory, which is just outside of the Admin folder.

3.  Edit your newly pasted serverDZ.cfg to your liking.  Just ignore the one in the Admin folder now.

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