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Server settings and mods

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Good morning.  Been reading the threads this morning as gaming on a sick day.  Shhh!


Hehe, anyway, still trying to figure out how/where to change server settings.  I know this is still in the works and will hopefully one day have a Control Panel Config similar to the Conan Server I have through you guys.  I was able to find the Admin UI while in game, and it shows the settings, but nothing is editable there.  Is it only in the FTP or this ini file I keep hearing about?  Sorry, scale of 1-100 using FTP, I am like .5.   :wink:   I did see the FTP for noobs, I mean, beginners, but I am still lost.


For basic stuff, is it best to just submit a ticket to change settings?  I hate to submit a ticket for something that may be so simple.  But also want my settings and such upped as a new server, getting friends to join, and basic xp and taming and creature levels are meh.  :)


Still also trying to figure out how to add mods.  My friend is like, just use FileZilla...and laughed because I am a noob.  I know, should also be easy and I apologize for that.  Is it simply me just subscribing in the Workshop, then figuring out how to add the Mod ID in the FTP?


Thanks for your advice to anyone who responds.  

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