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Server Settings Request


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Hello terribly sorry if I missed a thread on this. All I saw was control panel and was not sure if these would go there. I just had my server started up yesterday and noticed. I cannot change some things in the settings file. (these are found under ConanSandbox/Config and not the /saved. I think.)


Item Spoilage rate.

Hunger / Thirst multiplier (for both active and non)

Offline Hunger/Thirst


All of the durability settings (things break way to fast without it)


Day Cycle Speed, Night and Day settings.


Not fully sure how much of it has been taken out of the settings due to patches. Still see some of the things listed.

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Go to server settings in your client after connecting, click make me an admin, enter the admin password. All of the settings should appear now in that window and you should be able to change it there without needing to restart the server.


That is actually a better way to do it than through the SS control panel.

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