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Quetz Not Spawning after Modifying Spawn Rates


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Hey all, I've been experiencing a bug on my server that's been driving me crazy. If I change the spawn rates of any dino in my configuration file the Quetz refuse to spawn. I mean zero. Even if I change the spawn values of Quetz to a higher number the Quetz still won't spawn. If I select the radio button "Default" in the configuration manager instead of custom, the Quetz will spawn. The only other value I see that may have an impact is that my Dino count multiplier is set to .8 to help with lag.


The only reason I have started using a custom Dinosaur Spawn Configuration is because I want to remove Brontos from my server because griefers like to lag the server with the Bronto exploit. I would just leave the spawn values alone otherwise.


Has anyone heard of anything like this?

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Did you do a "KillAllWildDinos"

Yes, of course. That was how I started to realize there was a problem. I'm confident there is a bug somewhere, I just don't know if it's the the admin toolset provided by survivalservers or Ark. Still trying to track down what variable exactly is causing the Quetz to fail to spawn. 

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