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Issues with ping showing 0 for all players and ping limit not working.

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Hello everyone, I run a new community server on ROK using Survival Server's hosting.
When in-game, every player's ping shows as 0 - How can I fix this?
Also I tried to set a ping limit due to the chinese hackers that come in and unleash hell on our server, but the ping limit seems to not work when I have it set to a max of 200 ping, it kicks everyone. What am I doing wrong?


# -- Ping Limit --
enablePingLimit = 'True'   # Kick players who exceed the ping limit while this is enabled.
pingPort = '7350'   # [Port-forward as TCP] The port dedicated to managing player pings. This number can be shared with the gameplay port.
pingLimit = '200'   # [Minimum = 50, Maximum = 10000] An average ping limit in milliseconds. eg. 200 = 0.2 seconds
pingGraphLength = '120'   # [Minimum = 10, Maximum = 3600] The length of the graph used to calculate the average ping as seconds. A longer graph gives more room for latency spikes. eg. 120 = 2 minutes

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