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Disabling Full Loot Drop On Death

Zachary Reed

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I recently purchased a server for myself and my friends to play privately in a cooperative PvE environment while we got used to the game, more or less.

At some point while I was adjusting settings and after a restart of the server, our characters started dropping their entire inventories on death.

Previously, this wasn't happening.

I'm not sure what option I adjusted on accident or what's happened.

Does someone have advice on how to turn it back off?

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What I can suggest is resetting your config back to defaults if you use the config tool or if you used FTP, you can delete it and then validate the server to restore to defaults in your control panel.

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Hey Luke,

Thanks for replying to me.

I followed your advice and did this. It worked one time. 

The server automatically reset however and this solution is no longer working. 

Do you have any other advice?

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I didn't completely delete the configuration file through FTP this time. I just saved the settings through the configuration tool. The other settings updated but I still have the same issue. 

I moved clan size value and turned global chat on. The server is still locked in a PvP full loot on death mode.

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