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Characters not saving in server


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Hello! Hoping for a fix for this. Anytime someone leaves the server it wipes their character and puts them back to default. Server items remain but our characters disappear. Is there a setting I'm overlooking? Another forum stated it could be a RAM issue but I'm hoping it's something more simple. Thanks in advance.


** Apparently there MAY be a fix by deleting the "players.db" file found here:   /saves/multiplayer/nameofserver  ** but of course I can't do that since I don't own the server. Has anyone else dealt with this ?

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I have not heard of this specific issue, I know you mentioned you are not the owner, however do you know if other players on the server are experiencing this?

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I'm actually the one renting it and every single one of us had issues with character saves (14 pop). I ended up restarting everything and it seemed okay when just two of us joined, but as the others joined (up to 11 tonight) we lost the ability to save and vehicles were disappearing. Eventually people started getting kicked from the server and finally we were getting locked into zones with pylons or black screens before we gave up for the night. I did submit a ticket for it as we're all pretty sure it's a RAM issue as a low pop was fine but as we added more in things went haywire. 

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