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mods in a hosted server


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Does anyone know a good tutorial or resource on how to implement mods into a hosted server?

Like the big shovel mod, or custom stack size?

I am just starting out, looking for  information and resources.

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Step 1: Log into your server control panel.
Step 2: Gather the Workshop mod IDs of the mods you wish to install (The numbers shown at the end of the mod URL.)
Step 3: Open the SS Control Panel and your server
Step 4: Separated by commas (no spaces), enter the mod IDs into the Mod ID's. tab For example: 123456789,987654321,123456789
Step 5: Add the mods in the Launch Parameters Line .
Step 6: Most mods will go in the -mods parameter, some will need to go in the -servermods parameter.
Step 7: Enter the mod folder names separated by semi-colons (;). For example, if you wanted to load three mods with the names @MyMod1, @MyMod2, and @MyMod3, you'd set the text field to: "-mod=@MyMod1;@MyMod2;@MyMod3"
Setp 8: check "skip save config" (to avoid changing the config file to default) and restart your server

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