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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! To explain a little more my server cluster is 3 servers. Servers A, B, C. When on A I can transfer to B just fine but when I transfer to server C (from either A or B ) it appears to work properly, and it shows the new spawn locations, but after clicking "spawn survivor" for any of the locations it prompts me to create a new survivor. I have to log out/return to the previous server to retrieve my existing character after this happens. Server C shows up in the "Join with Survivor" list just like server B does and they are all 3 setup with identical settings. Server C was initially set for Gen 2 and server B is setup for Gen 1, but the issue with server C continues even after changing the map to Extinction or The Island. All 3 servers are PW protected with the same PW. Any advice is appreciated! Ty Edit: After additional testing the issue also happens if I make a toon on server C and try to move to A or B. I also have disabled "No Transfer From Filtering" on all three servers. Edit2: Issue was resolved through support staff.
  2. Hello, so I was just wondering.. is there a way to make our server save more backups? And save the world more often? We are paranoid now with mods messing it up. We've had two occurrences that the server just freezes, says its still online then we have to go into it and restart it.. and every time we log back in the structures and all modded content is gone, even dinos. Only things that remain are vanilla tames and structures. We always have to do backups in order to get the server back on its feet, and today we had to do a backup from all the way at 7am when it went down around 9pm... We have 20 people playing on our server.. and we need help with this issue. Also, why is there no update notifiers??? LIKE HELLO? Our server goes down constantly for mod updates and not once does it warn people.. we have to do manual restarts all the time for them. Our player base really wants warnings.. Paying nearly 42 a month for a 50 slot server.. we expect more. All we've had are so many issues and barely any help. It's like tech support has just given up.
  3. My server was moved to a better machine for launch (which was doing well). But now the server is "stopping" itself 30 + times a day, i was at 60/60 cap all day but now im bleeding players. This is a Major issue and i would guess hardware related Ive had a ticket in for 12 + hrs asking to be moved to a different machine with the same specs. So far no response. I dont know whats causing this ive done all the troubleshooting i can do on my end.
  4. Hello, i just bought a server and for some reason things are a little.. Odd, i have just started the server and i changed the location after quite a few hours of trying to find it, changing location ive managed to get it to show BUT it wont show any 1. Name, 2. Information, and 3. it shows arma 2 Epoch instead of Overpoch. So what can i do? i do have a ticket at this time! Server IP shows for Survival launcher and Appears/Dissapear's as i start and stop Server IP is what my console reads.