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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I know that server backups are only kept for 30 days - just wondering if there is any way to recover them after the 30 days? I went on an accidental hiatus and have lost all my stuff, thanks!
  2. It seems posting these speed up the process? The following from Ryan Pennington: You can update on your end without needing us to intervene each time. Only in the case that you use our Modify Valheim+ Config tool would you need to see if any new settings were changed. It takes us a few days to add those. If you simply cannot wait then you are free to ignore that tool and make the changes to your file manually via FTP. Again, you can auto pull the latest Valheim+ update as it's available on Github without waiting for us. My question here is if its going to take a few days to update valheim plus, can you guys somehow make SS control panel valheim plus config READ our manually inserted configs? As of right now its either wait a day or two everytime an update comes out or manually doing it and risking losing players items because the config will revert back once SS updates.
  3. Any new or updates on whether or not y'all will be adding the ability to have more than 10 players on a server?
  4. I have a new subreddit apart of my gaming channel, here's the servers link. 18+ as to reduce chances of toxic kids. I found out yesterday you need wards to prevent players from griefing buildings.
  5. My friend just purchased a server for Valheim and I am helping him run it and play on it. Curious, does the server autosave? Can we change how often it saves? Does it save on server restart? We are both new to this, just wanted some information. Thank you!