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Found 2 results

  1. Ticket #732103 -yes i have confirmed that the payment has gone through. -order says active but nothing is available on the control panel. i tried logging out and logging in and restarting my pc and i see nothing. please help. i attached proof to this message
  2. I see lot of comments on Servers recently purchased not showing up in DayzLauncher. Stick with Similar products: You can get the SurvivalLauncher here. The Team came up with some pretty cool gadgets and unlike DayzLauncher, SurvivalLauncher includes, Arma2, Arma3 and Ark in one. It's pretty nifty and is updated. Nonetheless, you may just be eager to play so try this below. Take your ip from your control panel and type it into the field: HERE Look at your PORT number the one that looks like :2302 or whatever number on end. Because of the new ID and constant reused IP, you may have to +1 on rare occasions -1 So if you have a port with :2303 add 1 (2304). As always, if after 30minutes your server is still not showing up, always submit a support ticket, but during the time you wait for replies especially at strange hours, try the above, it is harmless. One thing I forgot to mention is you can also find the Steam Query Port assigned to your server through the FTP client. As long as you can access it, you can find this information in the server.cfg file in your Admin Folder. sometimes the ports are completely different