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Found 5 results

  1. Join our new dayz community server! Server name is “ !A51 “ Area51 Server information: Server restarts every 2 hours. 15x boosted loot Fully built cars and trucks Build anywhere Pristine and Fully built guns Boosted Heli Crashes 2 hour days 35 min nights Boosted meds Unlimited stamina Useless items removed Premium killfeed in discord https://discord.gg/fuzADHQ4GT
  2. The Last of Us Last Of US has opened its doors! Created on the October 1st 2020, a year ago. We've had a some much time to figure out and plan out what way is, the best way to make a RP/PVE server. And we have figured it out, the LoUS staff number one goal is to provide the best RP experience for any new or old DayZ players. We've experimented it so many different servers, and noted the pros and cons in each and had merged all the good things we've recognised all together, and made LoUS. We've created new community events where you have something to do all the time when you hop onto our server, experienced and mature RP'ers. THE BEST STAFF, where we represent LoUS in full colour, and listen to our community all the way. Because we want you to have the best experience. What we provide: • 42 slot server [ Add more slots as soon as the community grows and becomes more active] • Experienced in-depth RP'ers • Well rounded staff members • Active community • Safezones • KOS zones • Modded items • NEW community events • Economy • Three different trading zones [ AND A LOT MORE ] F.Y.I Keep in mind this server is still in development, so new things are always being tweaked and added so that the server and can perform better than before, and that YOU have a better experience. But the server mod file is still in development so you won't be able straight away till the server is in working order. If you interested the server discord is: https://discord.gg/2CvuGAJ9UH
  3. Ghost Of Chernarus 50 slots No whitelist Laws killfeed Events and giveaways Factions , solos all welcome Trader at vybor and black market trader at Zvir Full trucks and full gunters and ada 4x4 Boosted and modded loot Wiped recently 17/07/2021 Suggestions all welcome Plank spawns for new factions Weekly discord payments Plank spawn for new factions joining No limit on faction members Little to no rules Join our discord for more info and to talk to us , not necessary to join discord to play server either https://discord.gg/69cxb9c2Wa
  4. Lost Island Server With Faster Taming, Hatching, Maturity, and Other QOL Tweaks! Server Name: zachsem | Lost Island | PVE | 5xT Head over to Ark on Playstation and search “zachsem” under unofficial pc servers, no password needed Map: Lost Island, PVE Feel free to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/Y6f4rKa Wild creatures regenerate at server startups Dino taming, egg hatch speed, and maturation times are 5x faster! Nighttime is half of the normal length! Maximum wild creature level is changed to 200 6.5x Better loot scale 2x Better supply crate and fishing loot Corpse decay is 1.5x Structure Replacement Collision Disabled for easier building Max amount of structures allowed per platform is 5x Spike walls do damage wild and riderless creatures (Now they’re useful in PVE) Tribal wars are enabled Titanosaurus can be tamed/fed Non-permanent diseases Building decay is 8x longer Dino decay is 5x longer Multi Platform saddle floors Offline damage prevented Global chat Idle players are kicked after 40 minutes Server is backed up in case of need for a rollback
  5. We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting game servers for Citadel: Forged With fire! Check out their announcement game trailer: Game has been confirmed for July 26th on PC (Steam early access) Additionally, Blue Isle Studios has confirmed that the game will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.