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  1. New fresh server with modded towns and city's lots of fun stuff to do
  2. Is modding from lets say nexus mods or other platforms possible? I dont see a spot to add them in the control panel, or will it be through the file system? None in mind yet waiting for some big ones like base radious changes or something.
  3. https://discord.com/invite/outkastdayz !!Outkast dayz Livonia ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BS SERVERS? We got a zero **BS** tolerance for rule breaking. On this whitelisted server, alts wont be something that will overrun you, 1 Main and 2 alts Per person. No **BS** 40 alts, no hogging mass amounts of loot offline. Or fighting against an army of one man surrounding the base across a span of 400m in a circle? I know, **BS** right? No modded **BS** bases either, get some nails and build. DO YOU WANT AN OLD SCHOOL FEEL TO DAYZ WITH A SLIGHTLY BOOSTED SERVER? This is the place. That old feel you had running from a horde worrying about your gear, that feeling starting fresh, we give it to you. Freshie gear is more boosted and easier to get, if you want the gooooood shit. You will need to work for it, or fight someone who might have it... WOULD YOU RATHER STAY AWAY FROM EVERYONE AND LIVE WITH A GROUP BUT NOT A FACTION? Ahhh don't worry, we have a safe zone so everyone from new players, to PVEers, can get something that they want. There is a place for everyone and a role / job for everyone. Want to run a car shop? Done. Want to run a farming home? Easy. Whatever you can imagine, run by the community, for the community. DO YOU LIKE GAS? Well if you don't? Tough. This is a classic feel to dayz as stated above. Not for the weak hearted. Also dynamic spawns for heli crashes and convoys, go find em! A BIT ABOUT THE TEAM Admins don't raid, we aren't included. We don't get to have fun. Not even allowed in faction groups, luckily the admins have admin night otherwise it'd get lonely. We're always here to help the community out, we have USA & EU & SA time zones, so we can tend to your needs almost 24hs a day...Yay. WHAT OTHER AREAS CAN I LOOT? Well, you could raid a base...like normal I guess. OR, raid one of the lightly modded areas that are being built and changed frequently to change the dynamic of loot and raiding places. I know, too much. BUT ALSO, two POIs around the map, that you can find out what they do ;). OVERVIEW A faction based, near official server, ready to set you straight with all your needs, and being looked after within a tight knit community.
  4. Hi, A common question I see asked on the forums is how to add mods. I'd like to run you through the process. Now in order to get started you need FTP access to the server. You can achieve this by using WinSCP or Filezilla or a other FTP application. There are a couple of things to realise. You have 2 different config files. You can find these in your /Instance/ folder. SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg. Found in /Instance/. This file will allow you to set up group settings. Sandbox_config.sbc. Found in /Instance/Saves/*Yourworldname*/. This allows you to set up mods and change various settings inside the game. So as you might have figured out the file we mainly want to edit is Sandbox_config.sbc. Now included here is my file. This file has been added as a example. A couple of nice to knows. InventorySizeMultiplier increases the inventory of the players. My value is set to 20 giving the player 8000 space BlocksInventorySizeMultiplier increases the inventory of storage containers. The rest kinda speaks for itself. Now to get to the section you where looking for Modding! So at the end of this file (Sandbox_config.sbc) you will see the following part <Mods /> You want to remove this and add the following in its place. <Mods><ModItem> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> </ModItem></Mods> This will now allow you to add 1 mod. However most of us will want to add more mods so keep adding it </ModItem>*Here*</Mods> <ModItem> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> Now we have done this it will look something like this. <Mods><ModItem> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> </ModItem><ModItem> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> </ModItem><ModItem> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> </ModItem><ModItem> <Name>WorkshopID.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>WorkshopID</PublishedFileId> </ModItem></Mods> Now go get your ID's from the Steam Workshop. In my case i'll be adding Drills+ - 1906186459 Welders+ - 1712885149 Ore Detector+ - 1906172362 Sneaky Sounds - 1662953858 End result for me will be the following. <Mods><ModItem> <Name>1906186459.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1906186459</PublishedFileId> </ModItem><ModItem> <Name>1712885149.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1712885149</PublishedFileId> </ModItem><ModItem> <Name>1906172362.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1906172362</PublishedFileId> </ModItem><ModItem> <Name>1662953858.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1662953858</PublishedFileId> </ModItem></Mods> Save your settings and start your server. It should now get the mods. Now in order to check if the mods are installed do not install them for yourself!!!!! Space Engineer servers have a nice feature and anyone that will connect will get the mods pushed to them. So if you join your server and you are not getting any mods from the server something is wrong! I hope this helps. Any questions or comments are welcome below. <?xml version="1.0"?> <MyObjectBuilder_WorldConfiguration xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Settings xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_SessionSettings"> <GameMode>Survival</GameMode> <InventorySizeMultiplier>20</InventorySizeMultiplier> <BlocksInventorySizeMultiplier>1</BlocksInventorySizeMultiplier> <AssemblerSpeedMultiplier>3</AssemblerSpeedMultiplier> <AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplier>3</AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplier> <RefinerySpeedMultiplier>3</RefinerySpeedMultiplier> <OnlineMode>PUBLIC</OnlineMode> <MaxPlayers>10</MaxPlayers> <MaxFloatingObjects>56</MaxFloatingObjects> <MaxBackupSaves>5</MaxBackupSaves> <MaxGridSize>50000</MaxGridSize> <MaxBlocksPerPlayer>100000</MaxBlocksPerPlayer> <TotalPCU>600000</TotalPCU> <PiratePCU>50000</PiratePCU> <MaxFactionsCount>0</MaxFactionsCount> <BlockLimitsEnabled>NONE</BlockLimitsEnabled> <EnableRemoteBlockRemoval>true</EnableRemoteBlockRemoval> <EnvironmentHostility>NORMAL</EnvironmentHostility> <AutoHealing>true</AutoHealing> <EnableCopyPaste>true</EnableCopyPaste> <WeaponsEnabled>true</WeaponsEnabled> <ShowPlayerNamesOnHud>true</ShowPlayerNamesOnHud> <ThrusterDamage>true</ThrusterDamage> <CargoShipsEnabled>true</CargoShipsEnabled> <EnableSpectator>false</EnableSpectator> <WorldSizeKm>0</WorldSizeKm> <RespawnShipDelete>true</RespawnShipDelete> <ResetOwnership>false</ResetOwnership> <WelderSpeedMultiplier>2</WelderSpeedMultiplier> <GrinderSpeedMultiplier>2</GrinderSpeedMultiplier> <RealisticSound>false</RealisticSound> <HackSpeedMultiplier>0.5</HackSpeedMultiplier> <PermanentDeath>false</PermanentDeath> <AutoSaveInMinutes>5</AutoSaveInMinutes> <EnableSaving>true</EnableSaving> <InfiniteAmmo>false</InfiniteAmmo> <EnableContainerDrops>true</EnableContainerDrops> <SpawnShipTimeMultiplier>0.5</SpawnShipTimeMultiplier> <DestructibleBlocks>true</DestructibleBlocks> <EnableIngameScripts>true</EnableIngameScripts> <ViewDistance>15000</ViewDistance> <EnableToolShake>true</EnableToolShake> <VoxelGeneratorVersion>2</VoxelGeneratorVersion> <EnableOxygen>true</EnableOxygen> <EnableOxygenPressurization>false</EnableOxygenPressurization> <Enable3rdPersonView>true</Enable3rdPersonView> <EnableEncounters>true</EnableEncounters> <EnableConvertToStation>true</EnableConvertToStation> <StationVoxelSupport>false</StationVoxelSupport> <EnableSunRotation>true</EnableSunRotation> <EnableRespawnShips>true</EnableRespawnShips> <ScenarioEditMode>false</ScenarioEditMode> <Scenario>false</Scenario> <CanJoinRunning>false</CanJoinRunning> <PhysicsIterations>8</PhysicsIterations> <SunRotationIntervalMinutes>120</SunRotationIntervalMinutes> <EnableJetpack>true</EnableJetpack> <SpawnWithTools>true</SpawnWithTools> <StartInRespawnScreen>false</StartInRespawnScreen> <EnableVoxelDestruction>true</EnableVoxelDestruction> <MaxDrones>5</MaxDrones> <EnableDrones>true</EnableDrones> <EnableWolfs>false</EnableWolfs> <EnableSpiders>true</EnableSpiders> <FloraDensityMultiplier>1</FloraDensityMultiplier> <EnableStructuralSimulation>false</EnableStructuralSimulation> <MaxActiveFracturePieces>50</MaxActiveFracturePieces> <BlockTypeLimits> <dictionary> <item> <Key>Assembler</Key> <Value>24</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Refinery</Key> <Value>24</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Blast Furnace</Key> <Value>24</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Antenna</Key> <Value>30</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Drill</Key> <Value>30</Value> </item> <item> <Key>InteriorTurret</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>GatlingTurret</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>MissileTurret</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>ExtendedPistonBase</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>MotorStator</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>MotorAdvancedStator</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>ShipWelder</Key> <Value>100</Value> </item> <item> <Key>ShipGrinder</Key> <Value>150</Value> </item> </dictionary> </BlockTypeLimits> <EnableScripterRole>false</EnableScripterRole> <MinDropContainerRespawnTime>5</MinDropContainerRespawnTime> <MaxDropContainerRespawnTime>20</MaxDropContainerRespawnTime> <EnableTurretsFriendlyFire>false</EnableTurretsFriendlyFire> <EnableSubgridDamage>false</EnableSubgridDamage> <SyncDistance>3000</SyncDistance> <ExperimentalMode>true</ExperimentalMode> <AdaptiveSimulationQuality>true</AdaptiveSimulationQuality> <EnableVoxelHand>false</EnableVoxelHand> <RemoveOldIdentitiesH>0</RemoveOldIdentitiesH> <TrashRemovalEnabled>true</TrashRemovalEnabled> <StopGridsPeriodMin>15</StopGridsPeriodMin> <TrashFlagsValue>7706</TrashFlagsValue> <AFKTimeountMin>0</AFKTimeountMin> <BlockCountThreshold>20</BlockCountThreshold> <PlayerDistanceThreshold>500</PlayerDistanceThreshold> <OptimalGridCount>0</OptimalGridCount> <PlayerInactivityThreshold>0</PlayerInactivityThreshold> <PlayerCharacterRemovalThreshold>15</PlayerCharacterRemovalThreshold> <VoxelTrashRemovalEnabled>false</VoxelTrashRemovalEnabled> <VoxelPlayerDistanceThreshold>5000</VoxelPlayerDistanceThreshold> <VoxelGridDistanceThreshold>5000</VoxelGridDistanceThreshold> <VoxelAgeThreshold>24</VoxelAgeThreshold> <EnableResearch>false</EnableResearch> <EnableGoodBotHints>true</EnableGoodBotHints> <OptimalSpawnDistance>16000</OptimalSpawnDistance> <EnableAutorespawn>true</EnableAutorespawn> <EnableBountyContracts>true</EnableBountyContracts> <EnableSupergridding>false</EnableSupergridding> <EnableEconomy>false</EnableEconomy> <DepositsCountCoefficient>2</DepositsCountCoefficient> <DepositSizeDenominator>30</DepositSizeDenominator> <WeatherSystem>true</WeatherSystem> <HarvestRatioMultiplier>1</HarvestRatioMultiplier> <TradeFactionsCount>15</TradeFactionsCount> <StationsDistanceInnerRadius>10000000</StationsDistanceInnerRadius> <StationsDistanceOuterRadiusStart>10000000</StationsDistanceOuterRadiusStart> <StationsDistanceOuterRadiusEnd>30000000</StationsDistanceOuterRadiusEnd> <EconomyTickInSeconds>1200</EconomyTickInSeconds> <SimplifiedSimulation>false</SimplifiedSimulation> <EnablePcuTrading>true</EnablePcuTrading> <FamilySharing>true</FamilySharing> <EnableSelectivePhysicsUpdates>false</EnableSelectivePhysicsUpdates> <PredefinedAsteroids>true</PredefinedAsteroids> <UseConsolePCU>false</UseConsolePCU> <MaxPlanets>99</MaxPlanets> <OffensiveWordsFiltering>false</OffensiveWordsFiltering> <AdjustableMaxVehicleSpeed>true</AdjustableMaxVehicleSpeed> </Settings> <Mods> <ModItem FriendlyName="Drills+"> <Name>1906186459.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1906186459</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Ore Detector+"> <Name>1906172362.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1906172362</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Welders+"> <Name>1712885149.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1712885149</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools"> <Name>1662953858.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1662953858</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> </Mods> <SessionName>MyWorld</SessionName> <LastSaveTime>2021-02-09T01:05:43.9977248-08:00</LastSaveTime> </MyObjectBuilder_WorldConfiguration>
  5. Hey there. In light of the new Seeker Raids that come after completing the plains biome with the Mistlands expansion I'm looking for a way to disable raids so that our bases don't get destroyed. I know the command Resetkeys can be used; however this command is only able to be used by the host. There is also a mod that disables raids. Is there a way to have the server input a command as the host on my behalf? If not, is there a way to install mods on the server? Thanks for your time, Skunk
  6. I found this server through a friend and honestly it's the best sever I've been on yet. The admins are active and vary helpful all the mods work great together and the stability of the sever is really good for all that is going on. It's a pvp and pve server it's sweet how they made this sever. Come and join us 24/7.
  7. So guys I'm looking for some Beta testers for the new Skulls'N'Roses PC server. The server has been fully coded and most of the main mods have been added already. The server is currently sitting at 10 slots for now but will increase when population rises, feel free to hop in and join. All server info is here: Server name: Skulls'N'Roses Beta | Heli's | MoreDoors & More Address: Server version: 1.18.155069 Required game version: 1.18.0 Map: Chernarusplus Mission: DayZ Players: 0/10 If the server doesn't pop up on any of your launchers please head over to steam click View>Server Then add server and add this IP to the list then the server will pop up for you = If you need any help feel free to open a ticket or shoot me a DM and I'll be with you ASAP !!! You can join our discord here just Note: this discord is currently used also for our console server on xbox but a new Discord is currently being worked on now https://discord.gg/Y3NaW5tvWB
  8. Doozy2k — Today at 9:18 PM Welcome to FallenKings! FallenKings is a new and fun community! We have our server out in its beta now for all of you to come play and a fun safe place to call home! We offer a lot of cool stuff. From Vehicles, Weapons,Clothing/Armor,Custom spawn gear AND clothes. Last but not least custom traders that have never been seen before! ( Our server information is in our discord or search for us on your launcher FallenKings) MODS *Mortys Guns *Rev *SNAFU *Keycards *Clouds Military Gear *CarePackages/KOTHS *LOADS OF CUSTOM CARS *Renegade Armor/Clothing *Helis *BPP Building *Unlimited Stamina Along with so many more amazing mods!! Come join us https://discord.gg/R8gTtdu2cr First 20 people to join get a custom role in our discord and a small starter base kit
  9. Hello everyone! New here and excited to get my community server up and running. Only thing is, I'm not quite sure how to add mods now that I'm using Survival Servers to host vs my own PC. Any help would be greatly apprecaited! Thanks!
  10. i have a handfull of mods on my server, they all work just fine offline but not on my server. i have them listed in the mod line on the CP and i see them also listed in the config file. what am i missing that i have no mods on the server?
  11. Mystic Isles is a PVE based ARK community focused on bringing the best aspect of the online multiplayer game ARK Survival Evolved together in one cluster. We currently have 9 maps live that include all original maps and some of the best DLC maps available. We make use of mods to make gameplay more engaging and fun without taking away from the fundamental aspect of the game itself. We also have increased rates to help you progress though the game at a better pace than that of official game servers. We have a fully automated update and restart system along with an auto decay feature to keep old abandoned bases cleared out so new players have somewhere to build. Furthermore we offer a fully setup discord with a ticket support system to get players help when they might need it. Come join us in an epic journey through the ARKs! We run boss battles with the community weekly and are always available to lend a hand if you need it! Rates - Experience gain: 3x - Harvest Rate: 5x - Taming Rate: 9x - Breeding Rate: 15x - Maturation Rate: 15x - Breeding Cooldown Rate: 15x (Breed faster than other clusters, subject to change) [PVE] The Island ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Ragnarok ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Aberration ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Extinction ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Crystal Isles ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Olympus ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Genesis: Part 1 ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Genesis: Part 2 ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Scorched Earth ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ discord link: https://discord.gg/QgYGW5pZwD
  12. The Last of Us Last Of US has opened its doors! Created on the October 1st 2020, a year ago. We've had a some much time to figure out and plan out what way is, the best way to make a RP/PVE server. And we have figured it out, the LoUS staff number one goal is to provide the best RP experience for any new or old DayZ players. We've experimented it so many different servers, and noted the pros and cons in each and had merged all the good things we've recognised all together, and made LoUS. We've created new community events where you have something to do all the time when you hop onto our server, experienced and mature RP'ers. THE BEST STAFF, where we represent LoUS in full colour, and listen to our community all the way. Because we want you to have the best experience. What we provide: • 42 slot server [ Add more slots as soon as the community grows and becomes more active] • Experienced in-depth RP'ers • Well rounded staff members • Active community • Safezones • KOS zones • Modded items • NEW community events • Economy • Three different trading zones [ AND A LOT MORE ] F.Y.I Keep in mind this server is still in development, so new things are always being tweaked and added so that the server and can perform better than before, and that YOU have a better experience. But the server mod file is still in development so you won't be able straight away till the server is in working order. If you interested the server discord is: https://discord.gg/2CvuGAJ9UH
  13. Welcome to Gen Apocalypse 31 ! About us: This server has been worked on alot for about 2 months but we opened up in late september! The playstyle here is to spend some time on the server. For example grinding, setting up bases & more... Wiping is something we wont do often only when needed. We are as well familiar with coding and Discord since we had a PSN server before but decided to switch to PC. If you have any tips then we are open for any tips, we have friendly staff and makes sure we all play fair since its a server you spend more time on grinding, so make sure to read our rules because we are strict! If you bring 2 friends to the server we will reward you with 15K in-game! Server Name: Gen Apocalypse 31 |DeerIsle|50KSTART|LOOT++|PVP|TRADER+|VEHICLES+|HELIS|AIRDROPS|BBP+|3PP|TOXICZONES|SPAWN SELECT|CUSTOM GEAR| Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/b3TfKWwp5u • Server Map: DEERISLE • 50K Starter money • 24/7 Raiding • Fully PVP & PVE • Boosted Loot ++ (With Touch of Vanilla) • BaseBuilding+ • Helicopter mods • Vehicle mods • Cannabis+ • Gear mod+ (SNAFU, MSFC & more) • VPPMap • Spawn Select • Airdrops Upgraded • Vehicle mods (VAZ, BMW & More) • Advanced Banking • Player Banking • Clan Banking • Party System • Clan System • Trader Mod (2 Safezones 1 Blackmarket ATM) • Custom built trader areas • BreachingCharge Raiding • Compass HUD • Global Chat • In-Game Rewards • Items Resize • Inventory ++ • Zuens Utility • Dbo surfaces • & Much More !
  14. Hey guys we have a growing Community with our Intervention US1 | PvP | 1PP | Expansion | Market | Keycards server on PC, come check it out. Expansion Deer isle and has a good mix of mods and weapon packs, trader's and a fun community. Dm me on the Discord and our active admins will help get you set up! https://discord.gg/ntMkHwgvfQ Server IP
  15. Our community has decided to turn all our servers into a cluster between 5 maps The Island: IP: PORT: 19317 Aberration: IP: PORT: 19917 Ragnarok: IP: PORT: 25117 Valguero: IP: PORT: 19717 Genesis: IP: PORT: 20417 Feel free to join our Discord to stay up to date for events or when servers have mod updates Discord: https://discord.gg/ZRGSMA5ubD Mod list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2463662281
  16. Come join our new community and experience ark the way it’s meant to be played
  17. Marauders - Fjordor - RPG - PvE - Hx3 Tx5 XPx3 | SurvivalServers.com Friendly PVE 24/7 Server, Admin presence nightly, let's be friends and play some Ark! Looking to become pvp once kingdoms have been built. I would love to connect/cluster servers with anyone! steam://connect/ Mods: Castles and Keeps Legacy Castles and Keeps Remastered Wooden Hanging Bridges Jack and Jill Full Character Replacement Super Structures Awesome Spyglass Eco's Empires - Vikings Eco's Primordial Decor Eco's Primordial Saddles Eco's Organic Saddles *Baryonyx, Trike, Raptor, Parasaur Eco's Trees Human NPC's Rounded Stairs, and Walls Ultra Stacks Shiny Dinos Prehistoric Structures Join our discord! https://discord.gg/HpCh8yhp
  18. NoMercy ☆ DayZ server made with attention to details, requiring more than just the basics ☆ Discord: https://discord.gg/fSaqsQWgkz IP: Name: NoMercy Map: chernarusplus Platform: PC In order to survive, it is not enough to master a few boring techniques proposed by the creators, but it is necessary to expand your survival skills with new experiences. We want every player to immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic zombie world and be able to take full advantage of the DayZ potential. ▪︎ To survive, it is essential to obtain food from a variety of sources, not just from found cans. ▪︎ Don't just rely on wells to quench your thirst - some may turn out to be emptied. ▪︎ Each animal hunted, each meter run increases the skills levels of the character, which may help player in surviving longer. ▪︎ Experience expanded sickness system, fatigue with necessary, short sleeping time, fractures and the need to use medication wisely. ▪︎ Use an extensive crafting system to craft shelter, weapons and tools. ▪︎ Plan your trip and explore the unique locations that we have prepared, but be careful - another player is not the only threat waiting on NoMercy! ▪︎ You can meet dangerous animals, mutants and a large number of zombies all over the map. ▪︎ The military bases offering the best equipment are covered by toxic and radiation zones, and getting there, without detriment to your health, requires appropriate protective clothing. We have prepared all these attractions with the idea of creating a server for survival fans. Below is a full list of changes and modifications that can be found on this server. ☆ Loot ☆ ▪︎ Reduced availability of items. Nails and ammunition are mostly found in small amounts. ▪︎ Single, full packs of ammunition and nails are sporadic. ▪︎ Krasnostav Airport (Tier 2) - rebuilt location with added custom structures and spawn spots for military and medical accessories. It's one of the spots with a slight chance to get some NBC items. ▪︎ M. B. Pavlovo (Tier 2) - apart from standard military barracks, there are also medical tents and a special box with medical accessories. ▪︎ M. B. Kamensk (Tier 3) Toxic Zone - military equipment, crates and the only place to obtain Toxic Cure. ▪︎ M. B. Tisy toxic zone (Tier 4) - high-quality military equipment and boxes protected by dangerous enemies. ▪︎ Any possible vehicle access road/gap to M. B. Tisy and the NWAF is completely blocked. ▪︎ Radiation zone (Tier 4) - large forest area and Myshkino military base with possible radiation exposure. The area, apart from custom buildings, offers many buried treasures. One of the elements of exploration is searching and digging for them. There are also chests with military loot in the radiation area. It should be borne in mind that both items taken from this zone and your character's clothing may show signs of radiation and it is necessary to clean them from radiation. You can use showers or special decontamination sprays. ☆ Dangers ☆ ▪︎ Mutants, which are some of the most difficult opponents. They deal high damage and are extremely durable. You may find them all over the map, however, there may be larger clusters of them in some appropriate places. ▪︎ Black wolves are enhanced versions of the basic wolves. They are characterized by greater endurance and stronger attacks. ▪︎ Black bears are more dangerous versions of the basic bear. They are characterized by greater endurance, stronger attacks and extraordinary aggression. ▪︎ Increased numbers of zombies can also be found in forests. The difficulty of defeating them depends on the type of zombie you approach. The most powerful of the basic ones are the military types. ▪︎ Toxic bears and wolves. They are found in toxic zones. Much more durable than their regular counterparts. ☆ Survival and Crafting ☆ ▪︎ The character's metabolism is within the standards of DayZ settings and does not make the game easier. ▪︎ Each character has a development system. The more you run, the higher your maximum stamina level is. Choosing the right equipment for your character and keeping your stamina high can increase your chances of fighting by using stronger knockback blows or give you the opportunity to escape from dangerous situations. ▪︎ The higher the character's "Hunting" skill level, the better quality of meat you get from animals is. A skinned animal, at the lowest level of character's hunting skill, provides fewer pieces of food than is known from the basic version. The quality and quantity also depends on the tool used to skin the animal - a knife will provide better quality items than a sharpened stone. Depending only on food cans may turn out to be a bad idea. ▪︎ In order to survive, you need to hunt, fish and look for food in trees and shrubs by approaching fruit trees/shrubs and interacting with them, thereby shaking off fruit (a tree or fruit shrub will not always have fruit). ▪︎ Fishing - there are additional species of fish to find depending on the water reservoir. Each of them has a different calorific value. The fishing rod and hooks can be found in the game, but you can also craft both yourself. ▪︎ Obtaining water from wells is not always possible. The further north you go, the greater the chance that the wells will be completely dry or will produce very little water is. It is also possible that another player was there first and emptied the entire well himself! The water in the wells may partially renew every few hours. Use other water sources and filter the water when possible. Don't ignore the streams! ▪︎ Craft improvised construction tools, knives, light footwear, camouflage, and even weapons such as a crossbow or improvised shotgun, which for sure will come in handy while hunting. Some items, such as metal plates or old clothes, can also be dismantled with tools to obtain useful materials. ▪︎ Craftable Ghillies can be painted with the various colours of the sprays available. There is also an option to create a camouflage poncho in different colours, but it is not possible to dye it later. ☆ Events ☆ ▪︎ Automatic radio events - player with a radio in hand or in inventory will automatically receive audio and text notifications about events in Chernorus and local events near the player. After receiving information about an event, it is marked on the player's map until he dies or the event is over. If an event is already in progress, the audible message may not always appear, but it's still a good idea to turn the radio on and check for active events on the map. Some events with an undefined location won't be shown on the map, but you'll receive a one-time notification of their approximate location. The average duration of the event is 2 hours. ▪︎ Permanent radio event - treasure hunt. Requirements: shovel and turned on radio with the 87.8MHz frequency set. Process: The player moving in direction of hidden stash will receive repeating sound sequence every second until he/she finds the hidden stash or someone else finds the stash or the player changes direction of movement or the player just changes the radio frequency or turns the radio off. The hidden stash will be spawned in a random location from time to time. If there is currently no hidden stash on the map, then there will not be the mentioned repeating sound sequence on any of the radio frequencies. ▪︎ Individual clan tasks - Each clan receives, tailored to it's level, individual clan tasks that allow them to get unique cosmetic items, furniture, and even custom structures, which do not block access to their main clan base - such as garages, sheds, farm buildings, tents , monuments, fortifications etc. ▪︎ Story events - From time to time, there will be common story quests for all clans, organizations and unaffiliated players, which will be communicated by a mysterious sender on #🎙radio_бункер_87vhf. Events can be expected on weekends (when enough clans or organizations are created), and information about the event can be expected the day before at the latest. ☆ General ☆ ▪︎ To maintain realism, in order to eat, player has to remove gas mask. ▪︎ Gas stations with a limited amount of gasoline, which is automatically renewed over time. There are only a few random, active gas stations with rotation each week. ▪︎ PDA - item available in the game and powered by a standard 9V battery. It is used for communication between players who also own the same item and add each other to the contact list (via Steam ID or character name). You can leave a message to another player for them to read at a later time. ▪︎ Notes - these are created after combining paper and pen. Text can be entered only once. It is not possible to edit it later. It can be placed on a door or any other structure. ▪︎ Ear Plugs with adjustable soundproofing level in the game. Useful e.g. when driving a car. ▪︎ There is an option to create custom patches/flags for clans and organizations. ▪︎ Restarts at 12pm, 6am, 12am, 6pm - 5.5h day and about 0.5h dark night.
  19. Drox

    Adding mods

    I am not a programmer. But i got the basics of coding. But i am so confused. I have loaded up the mods. I have the winscp program and have logged in to make the adjustments to the mods I want. How do I activate them. Do I have to do the -mod=(mod name and location) for every single mod. Or just the directory they are in?
  20. When I try to add another mod the entire server stops working , It stops responding. I am putting a comma between every id.
  21. NEW Valguero Modded Server Open To Public!!! Family-Oriented new server with plenty of room to play. Only rules is there is NO griefing or trolling and respect at all times! NO Drama! Mods: Platforms Plus Structures Plus Auto Engrams Classic Flyers Ultra Stacks Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered Platforms Anywhere Eco's Garden Décor Bore Water Kit Mini Industrial Forge Teleport Pad 1.4 Freestanding Oil Pump
  22. An Intro. My son said he'd like a Minecraft server. I rented a 4GB 2CPU instance yesterday using the Ubuntu Minecraft 1.15.2 image, I put the UFW firewall up and opened both TCP and UDP to the default game and rcon ports, enabled rcon, gave it a password. I've allowed 200 players, he wants to get his school playing. I changed the systemd start command to give 3GB to the java run line and it now says ExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -DmS mc-%i /usr/bin/java -Xmx3G -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui I do not know the slightest bit about gameplay, when I log in I just stand there, dig a hole and fall in. The boy can repeat what I did to build the server now that he's seen it done. So, I can rcon in with linux mcrcon and /op the boy, he knows what to do with the op status. I can list and see him. He can play. All of that works. Will his op status continue past a reboot or do I have to do something more? Is the hardware going to handle 200 players? I have no idea when to scale anything. Where do I look for mods? He says there's mods. I'm wary about security and about who writes them but that's just ignorance. What would I like to have known once I know more. Is there a performance implication? Is it true that only people with java edition can use the server? Only people running 1.15.2? It makes no difference whether they're on android, linux, Mac or Microsoft Windows™?
  23. So my server wont load all my mods. But the kicker is sometimes it will and the mods it wont load changes each time I log in. I have about 14 mods on my server. I thought it was just mod update issues but I have double checked for that. I have also tried changing the mod order. That dosent seem to work either. I also created a mod collection but that didnt load correctly either. Any Ideas?
  24. Looking for a guide or video on how to add mods to the server using the 7dtd survival server I just bought. Any help would be much appreciated!