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Found 2 results

  1. New Server Warhaven [pvp/rp] This is a PVP server with some boosts. Including xp boost, taming speed boost, and harvest boost. This PVP server is also an RP server and requires RP before PVP. It is simple. We want to build a strong community in which the players are friends and PVP not just to be jerks or tick other people off. So here are our rules. 1: No offline raiding. Players must be on when you raid. 2: RP before a raid. Example: Thordon a dwarf lands on the property of an Elf; Lixnir, who has moved into dwarf territory. He gives Lixnir 24 hours to leave the said property or be wiped off the face of the planet. (Of course this would be roleplayed) After the role play it is mentioned in world chat that there was an ultimatum between the two. Now in 24 hours if Lixnir is still there he can expect he is going to be raided so hopefully he brought backup. (We want our players to raid and have fun with PVP but it is no fun if when you log in every day you have to retame and rebuild your house. 3: World text chat is always Out of Character. 4: Local voice chat is always in character (unless talking to an admin about game issues or events) 5: Have fun and be courteous. Our connection data is as follows: Server name: Warhaven [pvp/rp] Direct connect: Our discord channel link is : https://discord.gg/YF7jTtf Come in and meet the admins. Come play where lag is not an issue and where desyncing is not a problem.
  2. We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting game servers for Dark and Light! Check out their announcement game trailer: Game has been confirmed for July 20th on PC (Steam early access)